Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Peppermint Nails


First Christmas nails of the season! 

It's my favorite time of year and im not happy with just decorating my tree. I need to feel the Christmas spirit everywhere! These were Inspired by one of my favorite Christmas scents, peppermint. 

I the colors I used were OPI Alpine Snow and OPI Malaga Wine. Malaga Wine is a deeper shade of red but I feel like the contrast looks better and also it has less chance of turning pink when mixed with the white. 
I used a technique called water marbling, which is great for those who are unskilled in nail art. Easy yet messy! 

More Christmas nails comming soon, See you then! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Stairway to Heaven Swatch


-Slash- Christmas Nails Fail

Bringing you a swatch of Debrora Lippmann's Stairway to Heaven nail polish today. In all honesty, these were supposed to be snowy Christmas nails but turned out not Christmasy at all. It's back to the drawing board for Christmas nails, but in the meantime...

In the bottle this appears as a milky white base with blue and yellow glitter, it's very reminiscent of a snow globe. In reality the base is completely clear and the glitter is multi-colored multi-shaped (mostly squares and hexagons) transparent flecks. It's a very subtle shimmer, only being really noticeable in light, however in light the glitter is very pastel colored, which is a little deceiving.

The good news is the glitter is rather flat and relatively non-gritty so it doesnt catch and snag on things constantly. This is two coats of glitter over a white base coat (OPI Alpine Snow). The thing about this glitter is it's very sparse and really needs to be 'packed' on to get a good coating. 
This polish has incredible lasting power, picture was taken after a week of wear and there is barely any noticeable chipping. The downside is it was one of the most difficult to remove polishes I've ever dealt with! I used the foil technique and still had to scrub glitter off, my nails really took a beating. This isn't a nail polish for those with commitment issues, like me. 

Returning with some real Christmas nails soon. Until then, Happy Holidays! 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

L'oreal Magic Lumi Concealer/ Corrector Review


Yes MORE Magic! I haven't been impressed with the Magic Collection thus far, I started out eager and optimistic with a review of the Magic Perfecting base, and I was indifferent, not overly satisfied and same story with the recent Magic BB Cream results; so it would be safe to assume that I'd thrown in the towel on this collection. But apparently I just can't stay away. 

The term 'concealer' is deceiving and even on some packaging this product goes by it's alter-ego identity the "Magic Lumi Highlighter pen". Probably because this doesn't really conceal anything... uuhh dont wanna give away the ending but, the coverage is a bit shady. It's a thin liquid consistency and not very pigmented. Probably great for people who dont have a under-eye circle problem but like a little extra brightening. Definitely doesn't cut it for me though.

Egghhh it does something, I just can't quite determine if it's actually beneficial. It gives a very light coverage (as stated, not enough to conceal) but I don't think it's brightening or highlighting. I think it might highlight very subtly if you get a shade lighter.

This has such a meager amount of product in it, that I am actually angry. 0.05oz to be specific (Note all those zeros!) making it probably the most over-priced product of the year... or ever. This isn't a comparison post but, take the Maybelline Instant Age-rewind under-eye concealer for example, it has 0.2oz of product, that's 4X more, ALSO it runs about $5 less than it's Magic counterpart.

* 0.2oz of this product would cost around $48 (Seriously! magic ain't cheap). 
** By this logic the Magic Lumi foundation should cost around $200. Com'on!

I really wanted to like this! But, Sadly, this falls into the same meager categories as the other Magic Products. It's a dull product in pretty packaging. There are MUCH better concealers out there. Also, I wouldn't buy it just based on the shear audacity of the pricing!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Essie's Leading Lady


Just had the desire to write a quick little post on something pretty and sparkly (my favorite kind of post). There's no extravagant introduction with this one, It caught my eye, as sparkly things do, and I had to have it. It's Leading Lady from Essie's Leading Lady / Winter Collection. 

I have to say that I just don't understand this collection. It's a winter collection called Leading Lady, to me that evokes an idea of stage glamour and holiday sparkle. This shade is great, completely fits the aesthetic but I think most of the other shades just seem like wild cards. The cobalt blue, sea-foam green, and bright orange scream more summer vacation to me. But hey, if they were all as pretty as this one I'd be out forty dollars, maybe I should count it as financial luck.  

Strange Lighting courtesy of gloomy Fall weather.

Maybe Im a bit of a full-coverage glitter polish addict, but I didn't think this shade lived up to what it looks like in the bottle. The bottle is just stunning, it's hard to compete. But I must give credit where credit is due and say that the base color is a really nice and opaque deep red and it does give a fair amount of glitter pay off, things that are uncommon in glitter nail polishes. I suppose if built up, maybe three or four coats, you could get a better glitter coverage.
Either way, the glitter still catches the light and gives a nice sheen and sparkle to the nails. It's definitely not the worst glitter polish I've come across. But don't forget a top coat, I didn't find this very long lasting.

Still glad I got this, both reds and glitters are always welcome in my collection. It's very festive, reminds me of Christmas and my favorite time of year. I think it's definitely gonna get some use! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors Lipsticks Review


Contrary to the looks of things, I actually haven't forgotten about this 'best drug store lipstick' thing, that I started about ... ahhh 3 months ago! I can't believe it's been 3 months either; Chalk it up to being easily distracted by other lovely beauty products begging for a prized spot on my blog, that pesky school work whose due date is always waaay too close for comfort, and the most recent form of blog sabotage, dull fall lighting. But Im persistent, I will finish this!

Color Selection:
Alright the color selection isn't that great. I believe there is a shade for everyone, it's just not that extensive. There is a few neutrals, a few wild cards, and a few reds. If your a lipstick lover this is perfect, but for a girl with specific tastes, this isn't your line. I have the shades Snow White and Haute Melon. 

Snow White: 
I think every red lipstick lover needs this color! It's one of my favorite red lipsticks, an honor not given to just any red lipstick (since I have so many). Maybe it's just my taste; a quite deep bloody red. It's quite similar to MAC's Dubonnet lipstick (my favorite MAC red) but that has a browner undertone where this remains very purely red. Im wearing it in This post but im afraid it just doesnt do it justice. The swatch is more accurate. 
Haute Melon:
Alright I can say that I tried the orange lipstick thing, and it's just not for me. But if that's your thing, than this is probably the one you've been waiting for. I know it looks coral, but it's actually a bright neon orange. Unfortunately, neons just do not photograph well (especially in shitty lighting!). It's strange, even neon nail polishes don't show up on camera. Maybe it's shy... soo sorry to disappoint but the swatch isn't very accurate. 

Bad lighting is making me seem a little vampire-ish... Snow White is accurate but Haute Melon is more neon. 
As you can probably tell they're quite creamy. But luckily they dont slide around or transfer too much. They have a creamy to satin finish. They're also very opaque, the color pay off is great. 
Overall they aren't amazing, but they're pretty good quality for the price. 

Application and Wear:
Application is perfect. Smooth even opaque color, and no sticking to dry patches. I never noticed any feathering or bleeding either. Since they're on the creamy side, there is a little bit of transfer. Not the longest lasting lipstick, but if applied carefully they can have quite a bit of staying power! 

These dont have any definate huge flaws that stick out, they're overall good but not great. The one thing that I can think of is that they're hard to find. NYX is a very illusive brand, the only place I can seem to find it is Ulta. 

That concludes yet another lovely brand of lipsticks. Long story short, you need Snow White! I know this is dragging out, Im gonna try to wrap this thing up as soon as possible. I believe there is only one or two brands left on my search for the best drug store lipstick. So until then, Happy Holidays! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Maybelline Colossal Volume Original VS. Cat Eyes


I'm a sucker for fancy makeup but one thing you will never see me running to Sephora for is high-end mascara. First reason is mascara is a makeup wardrobe's basic white T-shirt, nothing complex, I'd rather spend my money on something pretty. But also the drug store holds the most options and some of my favorite mascaras.
In my opinion Maybelline makes the best mascaras, and tons of different varieties to choose from. I've tried practically all of them and my all time favorite is The Colossal Volum'Express. Bold statement but, you know... that doesn't make 'new stuff' sound any less appealing! Naturally I had to try out the new Colossal Cat Eyes. 

I love the colossal formulation, and I was pleased to see that Cat Eyes stayed try to it. It's a smooth wet gel-like consistency, it's really black and inky, glides on, and coats lashes evenly. Without staying wet for too long and smudging everywhere. But unlike some other mascaras, im lookin' at you Maybelline Falsies, this doesn't dry out in a week. In fact, I've been using this tube of the original Colossal probably a bit too long, just because it stays fresh. Pshh Expiration dates aren't the boss of me! 


It's very volumizing, it gives density to the lash line so lashes look full from the roots. 
It's rare that you find a mascara that gives both definition and volume but this one does. The brush really fans out the lashes, even the smallest ones don't get clumped together. 
I wouldn't say it's the most lengthening mascara but it does a decent job. 
The downside?
The brush is a bit big. It makes it difficult to get the lower lashes, and might be an issue for those with smaller eyes. 

Cat Eyes

This does make the lashes themselves thicker, but It does not give the over-all effect of fuller lashes. It doesnt make them seem as dense at the roots as the original.
The brush on this mascara always seems to create groups of lashes. It makes a few clusters of lashes and then separates between the clusters. It's a little strange.
It lengthens as much as the original. 
The Brightside?
The small wand is great for the bottom and corner lashes. 

Here is a really creepy picture for you, but I think you can really see the difference. Note that the Cat Eyes just looks a little more black and glossy but I think it's because it's newer. 

Wand Comparison 

There is a huge difference in the wands. Both are the brush not plastic style and both have a lot of little bristles  But the original is a lot larger, fatter, and a straight tapered shape, with more tightly packed bristles. The Cat Eyes has a lot smaller want, it's actually smaller and thinner than it appears. It's also curved and it's bristles are further apart (which is why I think it clumps lashes together). 

Once again Maybelline Colossal has proven itself to me, and secured it's place as my favorite. I just dont think you can beat the way it volumizes down to the roots yet completely separates each lash, and fans them out to create an evenly packed lashline. But Cat Eyes isn't a complete failure either, I really like using it in combination with original, to get the bottom and stubborn corner lashes. 
Hope this was helpful, for all you that are curious about the difference between these two. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Review


Here it is, the Expert Face Brush; the latest and greatest from the Real Techniques line. Since the beginning I was always able to appreciated the creativity within this line. For better or for worse, it's like nothing else out there, I for one am glad it's not just another dull line of generic brushes. I can tell these have thought behind them and this one is perhaps the most unique of them all. This is what encouraged me to give them a try; Finally, a new-age foundation brush that isn't a rip off of the Flat Top Kabuki!

I was drawn to this brush by its unique shape. 
It's like a mix between a traditional foundation brush and a kabuki. It's a paddle shape yet short and dense with a rounded top. Quite interesting! And surprisingly quite useful, it means you can use it with both smoothing upward-downward /side-to-side flat foundation brush motions OR circular buffing motions. You can either use the thicker side to cover a larger area, OR turn it vertically and get into smaller area's, like around your nose, a lot better. However, take into consideration that it is a rather small brush. When I bought it I thought it was surprisingly small, yet it still works in foundation in no time at all. 

You really can't go wrong with this brush. 
When your blending in liquid or cream foundation, no matter what motion you use, you'll always emerge perfectly blended. I've never had a problem with streak marks. The rounded top gives it the ability to really push product into the skin, I think that really allows you to get a natural finish especially if you only use just a little bit of product. Im a real fan of worked in foundation, when it sits ontop of the skin I just feel like it's a mask. So I feel incredibly satisfied to sit there and use this to really buff it in each morning, it's like my morning yoga! 

 Again the bristles are cruelty free taklon, and really soft. 
However, it can make me a little itchy and red if the black bristles touch my face too much because they're more stiff and pokey than the top white bristles. 

It's definitely not as soft as the Blush Brush. 
But it's also made to be a lot stiffer than the Blush Brush. I mentioned that the Blush Brush had a lot of give and movement, the Expert Face brush is quite the opposite, it's stiff and not too flexible. As you can see it's also quite a bit smaller and very short! They are obviously not meant to do the same job, im just trying to put them into perspective.

To conclude, both of these brushes are F@$#^&9 fantastic. Again great quality for the price; Im completely sold on the whole line and im going to try out the Eye Kit next. I already reviewed the other brush, See the Blush Brush Review Here.  Yup, even I am surprised that I managed to get these up so fast, I posted two days in a row! Unbelievable! So as a reward to myself and go play some video games and eat a bunch of Halloween candy (...no, I wasn't going to do that anyway...). Goodnight..../ Good day and Happy November. 

* If you want to see my reviews on the Real Techniques Blush Brush, or Eye Brushes, you can easily find them by scrolling to the left and clicking either the 'makeup brushes' or 'real techniques' under Categories.

Real Techniques Blush Brush Review


I'd been wanting to try the Real Technique brushes for a while; so when I found out they were synthetic and cruelty free, It was a natural fit. Let me explain....

I decided to make a makeup lifestyle change recently and went vegan (at least in the brush department). Admittedly im not completely dedicated to this because I still own many natural fiber brushes, but when I find suitable replacements they will be gone! My decision was spurred by two factors: I found out natural fiber brushes are made of animal fur (mostly squirrel) and secondly they irritate my skin. Natural fiber brushes make my skin red and itchy, maybe because they are too rough or maybe because I am allergic to most animals. Also, I sympathize with those squirrels. I like squirrels; In fact my dog was even a squirrel for Halloween one year....

Alright, first of all - the blog-o-sphere's favorite pass time is to pick on the design aesthetic of these brushes - but im not on that bandwagon.
The truth is, it's just totally not a big deal! OK so the ferrule is pink and it's not my favorite color either, and sure I like sleek black handles, but it's not important. And Yes it has a black base that allows it to be free standing; what no one tells you is, that base everyone complains about being soooo large and space consuming, is less than the size of a US Quarter! This is a standard size face brush! The aluminum handle looks large in the photo but it is actually quite slim, the handle and base are smaller than my Sigma powder brush.

Onto the most important aspect of a face brush, the bristles!
The synthetic and cruelty-free taklon bristles make, literally, the softest brush I have ever felt! It's softer than my cat and sure as hell a lot less itchy. I am happy to say that this does not irritate my skin at all! 
I wasn't completely sold on the shape of this brush but I was curious. It's not a design im used to in a blush brush. It's an oval shaped brush, rounded all the way around yet tapered at the top, which I am assuming is for precision. The bristles are quite densely packed but have a lot of give. They are not stiff in the way most dense brushes are, they give-way to the contours of your face which ensures a perfectly blended application.

Speaking of application, I must admit that I am actually not a fan of this brush for blush application. 
I gave it a few tries and I just can't get used to the shape for blush. I much prefer my Sigma angled blush brush because It just gets the blush in the perfect spot. In a pinch, it would do the job, it's just a little too big and too round for my preference. It also blends the blush a little too much for my liking, Im not a fan of subtle blush! 
The good news is this is completely perfect for face powder! It's tapered so if you like to be precise with your setting powder, this can do the job! But my favorite use for it is actually for applying powder foundation. I actually avoided my favorite powder foundation because my other powder brushes made me so red and itchy that I ended up looking worse, but those days are over! This not only is more comfortable but it actually does a much better job than a natural fiber brush. It somehow gives a lovely velvety finish that it never ends up cakey. 

This is an amazing brush for only $8.99; Apart from all the great things I already mentioned, it's lightweight yet completely sturdy, has never shed a hair, and keeps it shape and softness wash after wash. If you looking for a synthetic powder or blush brush then your search is over! 

Want to know a secret? These were on sale BOGO half off at Ulta (no this is not the secret), you know I couldn't resist. So, I have another brush review coming up. It is the very intriguing Expert Face Brush! 

  * If you want to see my reviews on the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, or Eye Brushes, you can easily find them by scrolling to the left and clicking either the 'makeup brushes' or 'real techniques' under Categories.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips: Halloween Theme


Last nail post I got excited and over-estimated my nail art abilities; then I tried to do some hand drawn nail art this week and completely failed. So out of shame, desperation, and longing for cool Halloween spirited nails, I cheated and picked up some Sally Hansen Nail Strips. 

These are number 101 "How Corny". I think the little candy corns are cute but would have preferred a black background to the silver. 
*tangent* I always found it strange that Candy Corn is Halloween's own candy mascot but no one ever gives out Candy Corn. Why is it even called Candy Corn? Doesn'r resemble corn to me. Some people hate the stuff but personally, I only like to eat it because it sets the Halloween mood. Still prefer chocolate though...

Back to nails....
The process of applying was a little harder than I thought, but after opening the second box I discovered that my box was missing a few pieces and that might have contributed to why I had trouble. Each box should come with a mini-nail file and a cuticle stick and mine were missing. 
So, I had trouble making the edges smooth, and on some nails the edges peeled off. Im not sure if I did not apply them right, or if I didn't give it enough time to set. However since then, they seem to be holding up well!

I also got a black and orange Jack-o-lantern design called 103 "Patch-o-Lanterns", which I will be wearing on Halloween day. These seem much scarier and Halloween-y to me. And the box actually has all of the items included, yay! I'll keep you posted on the application and peeling issues. Hopefully It'll work out better when I use the real tools. 

Have you tried these before? ... More importantly, How do you feel about Candy Corn?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NARS Cactus Flower Cream Blush

Here is a little peek at something special. 

Right around fall and the holiday season, I start to dig out my special items, ones that I keep tucked away, safe from the temptation of everyday use and little sisters. Im not sure if this is something you practice but I keep certain things for special occasions. Im afraid if I use them all the time, they will no longer feel special. Not everything expensive is special, I use my MAC blushes and Urban Decay eyeshadows to death, but some things just kinda melt my heart a little bit and make me feel fancy. 

So I went digging through my little stash and this is what caught my eye. I think it's perfect for the season. Some might think a corally red is summery, but let me explain. It red toned vibrancy reminds me of a 'just got in from the cold' kind of flush, and the shimmer gives a gleam but isn't too over powering in the dull lighting. I think it's perfect for a cold winters day, and some red lipstick.  

I saw this in the store and under the light it was a a light coral with tons of gold shimmer... well, you should have seen my face when I got home, tore open the box, and it was BRIGHT red. But there was no need to fear, NARS Cactus Flower has many faces in the pan but they all translate beautifully to a sheer redish coral on the face. Its a vibrant color but the texture keeps it nice and fresh looking opposed to shocking, you have to admit in the pan it seems as if it has the potential to go a little tacky looking. It seems as though the shimmer would look a little intense on the skin, however unless you are being hit directly by sunlight its hardly noticeable and its NOT glittery, nor is it gritty.  

It also has a easy to work with cream to powder texture, so dont worry if you have oily skin. Its feels lovely: not sticky or wet or hard to blend. So lovely in fact that I took the time, out of my oh so busy schedule*, to do a face swatch, red lipstick and fall attire included for extra authenticity! 

So there you go, another peek into my makeup collection and another strange habit revealed. I need to remind myself to show you more of this little stash, because trust me, you want a peek! Unless you dont like blush and lipstick, in that case it might be kinda boring. 

* Depends heavily on your definition of busy, especially if it is synonymous with productive.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick Review


It started with a shade called Heavenly but I can't give away the ending. One lipstick grew to a diverse little collection that im quite proud of, blame the abundance of Covergirl product coupons in the papers. These lipsticks don't need a verbose introduction, they're loud and powerful enough to speak for themselves. 

Color Selection:
Just like some of it's drug store lipstick counterparts this collection has a color selection divided by color, pinks, reds, mauves, and browns. Combined there are an impressive amount of shades, upwards of fifty, most are a flat finish but some have frost in them. The bottom of the packaging also has a surprisingly accurate swatch of the color (which also show frost if the shade is frosted) along with the name and number.

Flame: Neon Red Orange, Coquette: A light pink with frost, Heavenly: light peachy pink, Fervor: medium brown pink, Euphora: Deep plum

This is a tricky formulation to describe. Its very creamy and smooth, it even seems to have more slip than chapstick. The aim of the formulation was to be moisturizing, covergirl claims it contains "silk moisturizing complex" and will make you lips smoother in 7 days. While it is quite silky, I do not find that it is beneficial in the long run. The only upside is that it's comfortable to wear.
The pigmentation is decent, not the best, but it's damn near opaque. There is no need to build these up, one swipe and they're full on. Its nice too see this kind of pigmentation in a "moisturizing" product.

Application and Wear:
The slippery texture and high pigmentation makes these a nightmare to wear, in my personal experience. Maybe its because I have small lips but, they smear and migrate outside my lip line if I rub my lips together (which is hard not to do with a slippery feeling product!). Also they will transfer to anything you put your lips on. The formula doesn't stain, its too balm-like, so I find the wear of these to be short even if you stop yourself from eating or drinking.

The formulation is too slippery and prone to smudging for me to be comfortable wearing the brighter shades. The shade "flame" makes me nervous. Smeared neon lipstick, there is just no fixing that. 

Im feeling unusually positive today so I think I'll end on a happy note; although personally these are not my favorite drug store lipsticks, they are quite nice everyday lipsticks. As much as I want to wear statement, pigmented, bold, long-lasting lipsticks everyday, they just dont fit into busy scheduled and long days with no mirrors. So I choose these; they make excellent stains because they are pigmented but moist and comfortable. 
I've gone through half a tube of Heavenly! So you aren't going to find your 'night out' lipstick in this line but you can certainly find your 'all business' lipstick.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Nail Art: Blood Splatter Nails


Another reason fall is my favorite time of year is because its the beginning of all the cool themed holidays, the ones where you get to decorate your house, dress up, and attend parties. Christmas is my favorite but Halloween is up there; im not that into dressing up, im just a fan of the ambiance of the time (and free candy!), falling leaves, dull days, breezy nights, carving pumpkins and lighting autumn scented candles. Most recently I've added another perk to the "Why I love themed holidays" list, the nail art opportunities! 

This was extra fun to do because Its not a glamour type nail shot, they looked better in dull lighting and awkward hand positions, also I didn't have to worry about taping up my fingers (although I should have cleaned up the white polish, sorry I was a little eager to splatter). I thought the red splatters on my skin would make it look more violent, and it did! Unfortunately nail polish doesn't really stay on skin through normal activities like washing your hands and showering, it all peeled off in like a day. 

I had an "Oh No" moment when too much splattered on my middle finger but I actually like the inconsistency and the pop of color because its more noticeable for a distance. I wish it would have happened on my other hand too. 
This is just done with my previous "Splatter Nails" technique. White Base is OPI Alpine Snow and the Red is MAC Rouge Marie. 

So I hope you like my first Halloween themed nails, or as I realized yesterday as I was watching the show, Dexter themed nails! I could go on but im becoming a little too pleased with myself. I have a few more Ideas, so keep a look out for a few more Halloween NOTDs.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Review


 Im feeling a little deflated; I've been busy all week, my cat was sick, I've been impatiently waiting for a new phone ( Apparently we are in a world wide shortage of iphones right now because they were all stolen en route in a epic pirate heist*) and dont get me started on the crazy weather. A few days ago it was 108 degrees out and today it was 55 with a thunder, wind, and a flash flood warning, I was wet all day and im still shivering. But nothing can lift my spirits like lipstick! And I believe I promised a blitzing of lipstick posts, so next on my list is the much coveted Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks! 

Color Selection:
This line has a huge color selection, it really has no limitations. Pinks, nudes, reds, plums, and browns, anything you are looking for is available.  Im instinctively attracted to bright and/or deep shades, so I got my hands on two of their most popular shades Cherries in the Snow and Black Cherry.

Cherries in the Snow is a shade rumored to have been around since the 1950s (which is awesome if its true!) I thought It'd be red but it's actually a deep bright pink. Normally it wouldn't be my style but it's actually so flattering and brings so much life to my face that I just cant resist.

Black Cherry is the shade I've been waiting months to wear! This is my ideal fall color, I cant resist a burgundy. This is a plummy wine color with equal parts of red and purple tones. The nice thing is the color can be used as a fresh plummy stain or built up to a dramatic dark lip, its very versatile, which would most likely explain why I had to search four stores to find it in stock!

These are classic cream textured lipsticks. It's a formulation you can not really go wrong with, great pigmentation and smooth texture. They feel fine on the lips because they're creamy but not enough to smudge.

Application and Wear:
These apply perfectly smooth and creamy as the formulation would suggest, no complaints here. They wear very well, they stain and do not transfer or move around too much. I can get these to last a few hours, no problem. 

Again, the darker shade applies unevenly, you can kind of see it in the swatch. Its a little annoying because its a beautiful color when you can get an even coverage, but some days this lipstick just will not cooperate. 

Once again I am overly satisfied with these lipsticks, they're practically flawless. I already have my eye on a few other shades for fall. Also, just like the Rimmel Lipsticks, Revlon makes Matte shades in this line too!! ... Unfortunately, I just cant find them anywhere, anyone know where they're sold?

* I may have made up that story, because I want to believe that my cellphone company is actually competent. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Wishlist: False Hope Edition


I think its time to start to rekindle my relationship with Sephora, it seems as though we have become strangers over the past few months. I wanted to test the waters of the drugstore shelves, and I discovered a few makeup wardrobe staples... but that's the problem really, a nice pair of jeans just can't compete with your Louis Vuitton bag. A girl needs a little luxury in her life.

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Valparaiso
I own two Nars Matte Velvet lip pencils and they are the epitome of luxury. The finish of them just can not be replicated! "Matte Velvet" isn't just a nice name, they are literally velvety smooth and give the most perfect matte finish without being the least bit drying, not to mention they last all day. It's not surprising that now I've got my heart set on the Pure Matte Lipsticks.
Valparaiso is everything im looking for in fall lipstick. It's a lovely berry color, a deep raspberry. I really love wearing colors with purple undertones in fall, but sometimes they look too goth, this color is deep yet vibrant and lively. 

Nars Blush in Sin
This one is quite deceiving, making itself a victim of misjudgment. I'll admit to not even giving it a second glance in the store, in the pan it looks dull, even grey, not something you want in a blush and put it next to Nars' other lovely vibrant shimmering blushes and it really doesn't stand a chance. However, it's strangeness intrigued me and It was love at first swatch. This is one of the most unique, stunningly beautiful blushes I've ever come across and I have to have it!
It's not a typical nor natural blush color, its a dull mauvey, bruisey, plum kind of color with that ever so classy Nars sheen through it. I know, it doesn't even sound appealing, but trust me! It was completely unexpected for a blush yet looked so flattering against my skintone, and it's definitely perfect compliment to those dark trendy fall lipsticks.

Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Plus Foundation
Are you seeing a theme here? Yea, I'm obviously not going for natural, Fall isn't the time for subtlety! I tried this out a while ago and I loved it. Just like the Nars lip pencils, this really is worthy of the name "Matte Velvet" its not a dry flakey lifeless matte, it just gives perfect polished finish.
It is not a finish I would wear in the daytime however, I'd find that a little heavy and harsh on my drier skin type. This is more for a setting where heavier makeup is appropriate, I think its perfect to wear on nice nights out and special occasions, it really gives a quite glamorous look to your skin.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle
I can usually take or leave a MAC product but NOT a Mineralize Skinfinish. These are just simply pretty... and shinny! Sometimes boarding on a little too shinny, but I think this is just the thing my skin needs in the fall. A season known for dim light, my skin gets pale, dull, and dry, It's one of the only times I can condone a frosty shimmery highlight, and I've had my eye on this one for quite some time.
To some this may be just a plain frosty beige highlight. But these are exactly the type of things im attracted too, I love light champagne colors, they have a shimmer to them that is appealing but still looks classy. Something that most frosty and glittery shades just cannot be. But I'm not gonna lie, im a little nervous about this one, it's definitely gonna require a try on; I know MAC too well to be unconcerned about their glitter overload tendencies.  

This is my very first wishlist, honestly I just wanted to share mine because I love reading everyone else's. And maybe, a little bit, wanted to selfishly ramble about a few lovely products that I dont even own yet! 
I know these products are nothing new, but im not a huge follower of trends and my makeup tastes are not fickle; im loyal to products I fall in love with and rest assured that I am quite patient  these will one day find a home in my makeup collection. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream: First Impressions


If you are as sick of hearing about BB Creams as much as I am then maybe I can tempt you with some Magic (that should totally be the name of this product)! The newest edition to L'oreal's "Magic" line is a so called "BB Cream", which apparently has no skin care benefits (how does that work?), but I had to give it a fair chance. Will I become a victim of a Magikoopa? because this color palette is making me a little uneasy...

Primes (and smooths), Perfects (hide flaws), Hydrates (all day), and Corrects (evens).

This starts out as a white grainy liquid texture. When you begin to rub it in it claims to "adjust" (With Magic!) to your skin tone, however mine turned orange ( I probably need the shade 'fair' instead of 'light'). Beware, you do not have a huge amount of time to blend before it starts to dry to a powdery texture.

It gives a light coverage, more than you'd expect from a BB cream, covering redness and uneven skintone perfectly but not pigmentation. The color adjusting thing might be a little tricky, making your skin look patchy (like mine did), but I think as long as you are careful to apply evenly all over then it shouldn't be a huge deal. 

That orange patch is the actual color of the foundation when then light itsn't washing it out. I found it quite dark to be considered the "light" shade. 

To my surprise this gives a semi-matte finish. Not something I expected from a product that claims to be moisturizing 'all day' and a matte finish with light coverage just doesn't look right to me. Also this finish might be a negative for someone with dry skin, it seemed to look a little flakey in drier areas. However I preferred this less shiny finish on my skin type. 

Because of the semi-matte finish this wore very well. It wore for hours without looking greasy, just as long as my usual foundation with no fading. Im very impressed.

My Conclusion:
Im not sure why this is called a BB cream. Where are the skincare benefits?  I mean it doesn't even have spf! It seems more like a light foundation to me; It's already the same price as a foundation but for the money I'd personally buy something with more coverage, so this product is a little useless in my eyes.  It's not even comparable to a tinted moisturizer because it doesn't appear to be moisturizing. However for my normal skin and oily skins, I think this is the better option, definitely wore better than Maybelline BB Cream. If I was going to purchase a BB Cream I would choose this one.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OPI Germany Collection: My Very First Knockwurst


My nails are officially out of retirement! They've finally stopped breaking and peeling from the nail challenge and yesterday I got tons of new exciting nail products! I did not go to Ulta for nail products but I somehow ended up with about five... this is the only thing I got from the OPI Germany Collection however, because most of the shades seemed like nothing I'd wear or something I already have. But I still had to mention it, my one lonely fall collection color is "My Very First Knockwurst". 

The light was washing it out a but, Its less beige and more pink in real life. 

The first time I go to seriously paint my nails in a month and nothing was going my way! I made a mess around the edges and couldnt find my nail polish remover, streaked practically every nail, and wasn't patient enough to let it dry resulting in a few wobbly patches, not to mention my topcoat somehow dried out and wrecked one of my nails.  

A good pinky nude has been on my shopping list for quite some time, so just gonna give myself a little mental high five for actually picking up something I needed. This is more interesting than your classic pink nude because it's a little more toned down, it's not the vibrant pastel pink nude that is commonly seen which I actually feel makes it a little more flattering on my skin tone. 

I own a few nudes that are frustratingly sheer, so I can appreciate that this is opaque in two coats. However I have a little trouble with streaking, which I find is a problem with a lot of lighter OPI shades, but it's tolerable. The formula is, as always, very liquid but not too watery and it does smooth itself out very nicely.

There is also a beige toned nude in this collection that is very similar to this, but obviously beige not pink. Its called "Dont Pretzel my Buttons" However it struck me as very similar to a shade I got from the Holland Collection last season called "Did you ear about Van Gogh" 

This is not really a color I expected to see in a fall collection but after I put it on I understood.  It's subtle grey undertone dulls it down making it look more fall appropriate and actually I think it will look better on me when my skin gets paler. So I think i'll be wearing this tons this fall and recommend it to anyone looking for a nice pink nude.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream: First Impressions


The times of not being able to sample drug store products are over, If you want to test something out chances are you can find a sample within the confines of your favorite magazine.
I must be subscribed to just about every fashion and beauty magazine there is, when new issues arrive each month it's the one thing that can brighten my day, I can spend hours admiring their pages of beautiful photos, but now, Im ashamed to say, the moment these magazines arrive I quickly flip through them hunting for the latest product samples. I still read them of course, but the initial Halmark moment between us is ruined by my behavior, which is comparable only to that of Black Friday shoppers. 
Too my surprise i've been getting a lot of decently sized samples. Not long ago foundation samples were enough for one swatch, which I found practically useless. Now I have a few BB cream samples with more than enough to use of my whole face, so I decided to put them to good use and do a few First Impressions. 

If your are unfamiliar with the latest BBcream trend thingy, you should know that this term is just the latest re-marketing of the product previously know as a 'tinted moisturizer' (at least in the western world).
These BBcreams are supposed to be jammed with much more skin care than a tinted moisturizer, but those claims are debatable, you know how the marketing game works.

This is a gel liquidy texture, a bit runnier than a cream. I found that it's more like a moisturizer than a foundation and I preferred to use my hands to rub it in. Also just like a moisturizer it kind of absorbed into my skin after a minute. 

Coverage is much like a tinted moisturizer but emphasis more on the moisturizer and less on the tint. It's a light coverage but I actually find it quite nice. It evens out skin tone well, takes down redness, smooths over pores, and doesn't stick to dry patches, all while being completely invisible on the skin. 

Nice Natural Coverage and Finish
This does not have a 'finish' per-say. I found it to feel like freshly moisturized skin, a bit shiny looking. 

Now here is where it started to go downhill for me, I actually liked the way it looked when freshly applied, but only an hour in I was beginning to get antsy about the look and feel. I don't consider myself to have oily skin but it's not dry either, It's now apparent that my skin just doesn't need another moisturizer. Also I had to make a brief run to the post office and it was 90 degrees outside, after that It felt so greasy it was uncomfortable, obviously this does not hold up well to those conditions, making it completely impractical for my life unfortunately. 

This is the cringe moment. Freshly applied to just 5 hours later. My face looked greasy anywhere the light hit it, including areas I dont get oily. Sidenote: I dont know if my skin was red from the heat or I had a blush accident but lets not talk about it. 

My Conclusion:
This doesn't work for me, I can handle the coverage but not the wear. I think this would be great for people who have dry, dehydrated, or dull skin, but the moisture and luminosity will kill anyone with normal to oily skin. 
I really wanted to like this, I wanted to jump on the BB cream bandwagon, use a nice light fresh face product, and find something to take the place of my beloved, long discontinued, Clinique tinted moisturizer. It's a shame because the packaging is so adorable, but onto the next one I suppose! Next im giving my First Impressions on the L'oreal BBcream, see you then. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipsticks Review


It seems I have some 'splaining to do, One day I felt incomplete and I decided that maybe I just needed a little more lipstick in my life. How does this differ from how I normally feel? That's irrelevant! So I went on a drugstore lipstick buying extravaganza and im not bragging but it was beautiful. Onto the part that concerns you, I've decided to review each brand in a series sort of thing, in the end i'll post which one I think is the 'best drug store lipstick', and obviously links so everyone can decide for themselves. Long story short, be prepared to be bombarded with lipstick posts!
 I apologize in advance for any incoherent content, a few hours ago I was on a sugar high from a soda and donut binge (I highly discourage this behavior (also that combination)), and im still finding it hard to concentrate.

Color Selection:
I may be a bit biased in this department because this is MY kinda color selection! There is a red for everyone, red reds, deep reds, pink reds, plum reds, and orange reds, not to mention some wearable pinks and the odd not so wearable purple and grey (yes grey!). It's just a color range that oozes cool, yet has something for everyone, and apparently is popular because shades are being added left and right.
I decided to get two colors, and Im thinking about getting a few more, Naturally I had to get a red # 09 and I just couldn't resist A purple # 04. I mean what are the odds I'll find a color like that in another drug store collection? Maybe on Halloween! 

I have to say I was skeptical, for the price I was expecting a decently tolerable formulation, but I got an amazing one! It's a very classic formulation that offers high pigmentation, a satin finish, and stains for lasting-power. These apply with a nice creamy texture but set as more of a satin or demi-matte finish on the lips, which is my preference.
Also, these have the most amazing fruity candy smell! They even smell better than MAC lipsticks and I do love the Vanilla. 

Application and Wear:
The formula offers enough slip to make application easy, without going over board and making it prone to smudging or migrating outside the lip line.
Wear is great because it is very staining and a satin finish. The stain keeps the color on your lips and the satin finish limits transferring or smearing. The color stays on for hours. 

The only problem I have is the purple color does stick to dry patches. Maybe because it's so dark, It's not a problem with the red color. 

Excuse me, I must take a moment and celebrate the fact that I made it through this post without crashing and ending up face down in my keyboard. Alright...
Any lipstick lover needs one of these, or all of them; Im incredibly surprised that I liked these so much, considering I almost forgot about this brand all together. By the way, Rimmel's new fall collection will feature more shades of these in Matte finishes!!! You know I'll be buying all of them.... for the price of one high-end lipstick no less.
I've never been this excited about a drug store lipstick line... or have I? You'll find out when I review the next brand!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation Review


I have a reputation, at least in my own head, for being overly picky about my skin products, and after being failed by numerous new and trendy foundations, I decided I was completely done with that scene. I wanted no part in gimmicks: no 'airbrush', no 'HD/PhotoReady', no 'Magic', no 'Dream', and absolutely no 'BBs' of any kind! But 'Healthy' was something I could get behind, it didn't have strenuous marketing ploys or jazzy packaging, it simply offered up itself, a foundation, SPF 20, and a few antioxidants for good measure; it was exactly what I was looking for. ("dont begin a sentence with 'but'" "dont end a sentence with a preposition" Look at me being all rebellious!) 

It's not a thick blobby consistency that is sure to clog your pores nor is it a watery runny mess that gives no coverage, it's a perfect balance a silky creamy texture that assures blend-ability and a skin-like appearance. It's does not set quickly so it remains bendable for a very long time, however it is thick enough to leave lines and streaks from improper blending.

This foundation is all about 'healthy' and 'glowing' skin, but luckily it isnt packed with shine and glitter! It's a very very subtle glow, it'd hesitate to even say dewyness (I dont want to give the oily skinned panic attacks) but it is luminous. In a way, it almost appears as if it just never completely sets, it keeps a slight creamy appearance, something that does look very healthy.

Dont worry! It's not one of those 'dewy' finishes that does the disappearing act, 6 hours in and apparently you didn't put any makeup on this morning, the coverage stays put, no fading!
Ok, it's been extremely hot and humid where I live lately (oh the horror, im getting terrible makeup and hair disaster flashbacks) and this tended to look a little too 'dewy' after a while (I powdered and primer-ed which helped!), although still it didn't fade!
In cooler weather and also with my skin being normal, I dont powder this and it wears quite well.

Dont I have it all: redness, scaring, pores, acne, freckles, well this covers them very well. It's not 'flawless' coverage because this is more of a natural but better foundation, but it gives a good medium coverage, it builds without caking, you can layer and layer this with no consequence.
This always looks good on the skin, it looks like practically nothing, especially if a very light layer is used it will be invisible on the skin and still give decent coverage. 

Before and After: One layer of foundation

Color Match: (shade 30 Buff, slight pink undertone)
I took a shot in the dark, I hesitantly chose shade 30 just because 3 out of 9 is where I assumed my skin tone to be in a range, and it's actually one of the best color matches I've ever gotten with a foundation. My biggest problem is foundations being extremely yellow, I consider myself to have a neutral undertone, now you will notice this shade has a slight pink undertone ( I heard some shades are yellow also) but I prefer this over the yellow because it's a lot less noticeable (and I dont look like im dying of liver failure). It is becomming a little dark, as we move into fall I'm thinking I might even become the lightest shade, which leads me too....

Color Selection:
The only downfall I can see in this foundation is it only comes in nine shades, and of those nine it's quite difficult to choose since they all look really strange in the bottle. They have a sort of grey cast to them, no indication of undertones, and none of them appear to be all that light or dark. I think I got lucky picking my shade, I was hesitant but I just went with my instinct, I knew I would most likely be at the beginning of a shade range, so I suggest that kind of thinking when you are picking.
Im becoming a little concerned, my skin is lightening and I think I'll probably be the lightest shade in the winter, I am pale, but I do not think im the palest person in the world. I mean, if one person's skin can vary up to three shades, then it's quite concerning if there are only nine to choose from!

This is in a very simplistic glass bottle, which is kind of heavy, with a screw on mirrored lid. It does look nice, but of course it has one fatal flaw, no pump. A really large opening and its very liquidy, so yes it can make quite a mess. Product gets all over the bottle, in the lid, and all over your hands, which then gets grubby little finger prints all over the lid.

I'm not quick to pass judgement on makeup products, I am however pessimistic; I've been wearing this everyday for a few months now, in preparation for judgment day, trying to find fault in it and the truth is I just can't. I find myself in disbelief, telling myself 'this is nothing special, it can't be so perfect' but it never disappoints. Maybe it isn't perfect or special but it is a lovely everyday foundation and one of the only foundations to get my 'okay to repurchase' stamp of approval. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

How Much is My Face Worth?


Yesterday I finally got a chance actually sit down, relax, and read blogs, and 'How Much is My Face Worth' posts kept popping up. I must have read about ten, they were so intriguing, I wasn't so interested in the totals as much as I was nosy about what makeup products everyone else uses; however It did spark some curiosity about how much I actually spend on makeup, So I had to do this! 
 I did my makeup the same as the day before, before I saw these posts, as not to be biased. 

Disclaimer: I may or may not look like this in real life.
 Pictures make me look funny, or maybe normal, who knows I can't see myself. 

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation in 30 Buff - $11
I don't like to use my expensive foundations everyday so I bought this; and it turns out this looks even better than some high end ones do! I love it, and review is coming soon. 
Elf Blush in Tickled Pink - $3
This is just a basic pink blush that goes with anything. It's nothing special but it lasts surprisingly long lasting and has great color pay off. $3 well spent! 
Benefit Hoola Bronzer - $28
Bought this to contour with, im not much of a bronzer type girl. It's a little too orange for my skin-tone, but I make due. I dont really think it was a good buy for me. 
Make Up For Ever HD Primer Mini - $15ish (forgot to include in picture)
This came with my HD Foundation, but I really like this primer. It makes my makeup last longer, prevents my eyeshadow from creasing, and stops my foundation from sliding off my face. I kinda guessed as to the price though, based on the mini sizes of the other MUFE products. 
MAC Mineralize Skin-finish Natural - $29 (forgot to include in picture)
I only use this in summer but this is a serious setting powder, it stops my makeup from getting shiny for hours. I also love the finish it leaves and the smooth non-cakey texture. Maybe there are cheaper powders out there but im satisfied with this. 

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - $50
It seems as though this one killed me but Im just in the habit of using this everyday because it's convenient. I only used two shades for highlight, but I have to count it, it's the rules. I do love this and think it's absolutely worth the money.
MAC Eyeshadow in Blue Orbit - $20
Just started using this a few days ago. I get sucked into buying something every limited edition collection! But this is a beautiful lavender/periwinkle color and a nice formula, I need to use it more often. 
MAC Kohl Eyeliner in Violet Underground - $15
This is one of those things that I kinda feel guilty about, I mean this is lovely but im sure I could buy a cheaper purple eyeliner. Damn you MAC, why do you have to be so incredibly convenient! 
Maybelline Volume Express Colossal Mascara - $6
My favorite Mascara! Granted I haven't tried many high-end mascaras, but I probably wont, they aren't worth it to me when Maybelline makes such great alternatives.
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in light - $7
This isn't the most pigmented concealer, but it's brightening and it doesn't fade or crease. It works well enough most days.
Smashbox Brow Tech in Brunette- $25
OK, I would NOT pay $25 for brow powder, but actually my mom gave this to me for no reason one day (it was kinda awesome),  but she has no concept of what things cost and most likely got talked into it by some sales lady, so, Win for me! 
MAC Lipstick in Please Me - $14
My last MAC purchase, Im not sure if this fits the criteria of what I was looking for (a nude?) but it was the least of all the evil the sales woman tried on me. It's the nudest lipstick I own, needless to say nudes look awful on me! On a positive note, this is a sweet color with a matte finish that lasts all day. 

Total is $223

Apparently my face isn't cheap! This is actually surprising, until I sat down and wrote all of those items and costs out, I thought I used a lot of cheap makeup. I think... umm actually I don't even know what to think anymore. My total is $223, think what you will, but im just gonna keep on livin' my makeup obsessed life in blissful ignorance!

So, Am I a horrible person? Average? How Much is Your Face Worth?