Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beauty that is cruelty-free: Vegan Brushes

Often I browse the internet's endless beauty resources with no goal or motive, just hoping that I will stumble upon something to make my search worth while, and today it happened! In this case I actually discovered this from an add on a non-beauty related website (bravo sigma's advertising team), Behold Sigma's first vegan brush collection! Usually I consider brush collections to be insignificant, I don't buy multiples of the same brush because they come in trendy colors, but when they change the fibers it gets interesting. These are purely synthetic fibers, which is great for animal activists and contrary to my food preferences I find that I prefer these vegan fibers over natural. First, I want to add that a few months ago I purchased a whole set of Sigma brushes and a few from there "Sigmax" collection to replace my tired MAC brushes, which had been shedding like my dog in summer, and not only are they unbelievably soft but also made from the same "synthetic Sigmax HD fibers" that will not absorb product, claims which I can attest to. The reason I prefer these synthetic fibers on my brushes is because in all honesty the natural fibers irritate my skin (maybe because im allergic to practically all cute furry creatures, including my own pets) or maybe because they are stiffer and more coarse, but these synthetic fibers just glide across my skin like silk. 
The Bunny Collection, comes in a travel kit and essentials kit and includes the container, you can get Mr. Bunny black and silver brushes or Mrs. Bunny in blue and pink. Brushes are again completely vegan and made of "Synthetic sigmax HD fibers" which are designed to perfectly apply product without absorption. My only complaint is they did not make all of there brushes available in vegan, I absolutely love there precision, flat top, and kabuki style brushes and if they were added to the collection, I would definitely go completely vegan and purchase the Bunny Collection. 
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linta said...

I love the review. Very informative and very well written. Thanks for it.

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