Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lipstains Review

A product that I feel is a little underrated is lipstains. I am not sure of the reason for this, maybe people did not understand them or they thought it was just a fad, but I think they are a very unique but wearable product. I mentioned that recently I had been experimenting with all the lip products I own, but not these, these are one thing that I have not strayed from since the day I bought them.

covergirl lipstains and MAC lip stain
My very unimpressive collection
I remember seeing a commercial for the Covergirl lipstains and not exactly understanding the concept, it was foreign at the time as it wasn't a gloss or a lipstick. Shortly after I was on a shopping trip with my mom and as you all know, no shopping trip is complete without a trip to the makeup store, and like always, displayed at the front on the MAC store, completely unmissable, is their recent collection, at the time It was "Art Supplies" and It included lip stains, I was so surprised and curious to try it I had to convince my mom to buy it for me (I think I was like 16 at the time).

Swatches, covergirl and mac lipstains
Covergirl 415, Covergirl 440, MAC stylesetter
MAC stylesetter is a very bright pink, almost neon, although my swatch looks  pathetic because the products practically empty, at its prime this product was bright and vibrant and very pigmented. The next lipstain I purchased was Covergirl 415 Teasing Blush, again the swatch is sad because it was purchased a while ago, this is a rosy pink, very soft and natural, and has lasted a long time. Only a few months ago I tried to repurchase that color and forgot the number therefore ending up with Covergirl 440 Wild Berry Wink  because the packaging color is so similar. Its a few shades darker more of a berry toned pink. 

Why I like Stains: What I like most about these is they are effortless, I can put them on without struggle, lipsticks, lipglosses, and lip pencils can look messy if you dont take care. These stay put, no need to reapply throughout the day, they dont transfer to everything your lips come in contact with, they apply like marker to paper, initially wet then set. However unlike other longwearing products, they do not feel dry on your lips, you do not feel the product, It is quite literally a stain. They can be worn for all occasions, they dont add textrure to the lips so it is easy to layer other products over them, for day time I put simple chapstick over it and for evening lipgloss can be added. 
Covergirl Vs MAC: MAC's line is called "prolongwear lipstains" and Covergirl's is "outlast lipstains", and from my experience I can say they are a very similar product. They both offer the same results, a long-wearing stained lip with no added texture. However I feel that the Covergirl products lasted longer, I used the 415 very frequently before it started to dry up, I did not get the same amount of use from the MAC product before it started to get weak. Since I can not tell a difference in quality of product besides shelf-life I would recommend the Covergirl over MAC, with one exception, if you want a specific color because they have very different color selections. 
Downfalls: Not too many cons with this product but both MAC and Covergirl have these issues. Like a marker this product will dry up, (if it is old or you leave the cap off) the more it dries the less pigmented they become. The only other issue is, it sticks to dry patches, if your lips are dry, chapped or flaky the color will apply unevenly. 

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