Saturday, March 3, 2012

My quest for the perfect concealer

The perfect concealer must live up to high standards, being able to conceal just isn't enough for us anymore. It has to hide our imperfections without being apparent enough to look like we are trying to hide something. We demand some miracle formula that will offer full coverage yet look natural and feel lightweight. I have struggled for quite some time with bad concealers, so sheer that they practically have no purpose, so thick that you would be better off with some sort of Halloween silicon mask because at least silicon feels relativity close to skin. Then Flash forward a few months, Enter the magical world of color correcting concealers, where consistency is almost irrelevant. 
NYX concealers

NYX concealers
      I decided to try out these NYX concealer in a jar colored concealers in green and yellow. I choose those two colors to suit my personal needs to correct redness and dark under-eye circles, but they do come in 13 shades (which includes skin-toned as well as colored) . They have a great consistency, a cream that is not too dry or greasy and I apply them with a concealer brush, but they are a little on the sheer side so I would not recommend the skin-toned shades. On my skin the yellow color isn't a perfect fit, it doesn't have enough pigmentation to handle my discoloration. Not the "perfect" concealer I've been searching for but pretty good and since I bought them for around $4 I have little regrets. 
      A few warnings about the color correcting method, It is not as simple as slapping on concealer. You have to choose the right color for your problem, you have to take the color of your skin into consideration and choose a concealer with the right amount of pigmentation to neutralize it (if you have dark skin or dark discoloration the nyx concealers might not be pigmented enough), and you'll need a foundation with enough coverage to cover up the pastel-y colored regions of your face (the nyx concealers are easily covered with even a sheer foundation). 

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