Friday, March 23, 2012

My Spring LipPerfection

Winter has passed and so have the days of my dry, cracked, wind-chapped lips. My lips are now back to a decently healthy state and have been begging me to put down the chapstick and put on some spring color. It seems I had been in this state for so long that I wasn't exactly sure if I had anything suitable, rummaging through my makeup collection and giving everything a test-drive, I had to become reacquainted with my entire lip product collection. Trying out Lipsticks, lipstains, and I even had a slight flirtation with a MAC lusterglass lipgloss that I am relatively sure I bought as a tween, nothing seemed to be what I was looking for. Until I stumbled upon something average and forgettable, something not new nor old, just sitting among some miscellaneous makeup products in a makeup bag, one lonely Covergirl LipPerfection Lipstick.

Covergirl Lipperfection lipstick
Unimpressive Packaging
Covergirl Lipperfection lipstick

In a sea of those beautiful black and gold classically bullet shaped lipsticks, this is something that no one would immediately go for, but when worn the scale tips in its favor. Classic lipsticks are matt, dry, and harshly pigmented (at least the ones I own) which I am fine with for certain occasions, but for daytime in spring, I dont want my lips to feel so weighed down. Luckily lipsticks are moving out of that phase these days, lip "butter" is now the trend, the term for the sheerer, more natural, and hydrating lip products that are In this season, and that is exactly what these feel like. I recently saw an add for a Revlon lip products called Colorburst Lipbutters, I was considering purchasing before I found this, now out of curiosity I am wanting one for comparison purposes, but on with the story...

Covergirl Lipperfection lipstick
Appropriately named Heavenly

The color is called Heavenly, and I need to take a moment to thank myself for picking it, it is not what I typically choose, my lipstick collection is full of outrageous color. It is a habit I was regretful of this season when I just wanted a nice, peaceful, soft, rosy lip. I honestly can not even recall purchasing this, most likely a compulsive buy, something I didn't really anticipate buying but just threw into my basket (which would explain the subtle color choice), but it is most definitely not something I regret buying. Each season when the collections come out, we all feel that we have satisfied a craving when we go out and purchase the new and exciting, but in reality it feels even better to discover that you already have something perfect, maybe hidden or forgotten in your makeup collection.
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