Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation Review

Such a high standard was set for this product, it was heavily advertised, highly anticipated, and overly hyped. It claimed it would bridge the gap between high-end and drug store foundation, set a new standard, all while jumping on the latest "HD" trend bandwagon. If there is one thing I always go high-end on, it is foundation, as I see it the skin is the first thing people notice, flawless skin will make everyone look better immediately, and I only want the best for my face, but I was swayed by all of those bold claims and decided to give it a shot.

This is the mousse version of the foundation not the original liquid form, but since I also wanted to try a mousse foundation anyways I figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone. The mousse is supposed to make it "airy, for a light-wight, pore-less, airbrushed look" and I was expecting it to live up to those claims. I had not seen a bad review on this product anywhere, so I was very confident in my purchase, but D-day had arrived, the moment of truth, time to put it to the test and find out for myself, little did I know this would become probably My Most Hated product ever.

Where to even start ....

Does not live up to it's claims: If there is one thing that we can all agree on it is that we do not like being lied to! I feel incredibly betrayed when products do not preform like we are lead to believe or are falsely advertised. So if you can see where I am going with this, this product is most certainly not high-end quality, light, pore-less, nor does it deliver an airbrushed finish.

 Formulation Confusion: The goal of this product was to be "photoready" and "Airbrushed" as far as im concerned they completely missed on both. First of all, it contains glitter! Whole particles of glitter should never be noticeable in a foundation, (glitter does not equate to radiant skin) and glitter in a photoready product makes absolutely no sense, if you use a flash it'll wash you out in the photos. Secondly, the "mousse" is just a gimmick, it has nothing to do with creating an "airbrushed finish". This feels more like a foam than a mousse, it is simply pumped with air and when you touch it, the air bubbles pop and it turns to liquid. 

Soo many Application and wear issues: I gave this so many chances, I have applied it with the best tools, with primer, with powder, and nothing can save this! You just pump some onto your hand and already problems occur! Its hard to control how much you dispense, the pump gets clogged, it starts melting into liquid, and it smells like paint. I have applied this with Fingers, Foundation brush, Stippling foundation brush, Flat top kabuki foundation brush, and a Beauty Blender, all this and the same terrible results. The coverage is rather heavy, it smells like paint and applies like paint, id say a medium to full coverage (and it feels like it too!). I finish applying and it is sooo glittery and shiny that I have to add tons of powder to tone it down, it sticks to dry spots, but the absolute worst problem I have is it separates on the skin! It sits on top of the skin so unevenly, it looks like when foundations stick to dry patches of skin, but on my whole face (note that my whole face is not dry, I have normal skin). The wear time is like two hours, like I said when I first apply this it is already too shiny, and after the powder on top settles in, it just has no chance.

 I just do not understand why this product was so over hyped or why it had such great reviews, I will give it the benefit of the doubt and blame myself, maybe it just doesn't work for my skin. Also, like I said I do not use drug store foundations so I have no comparison but I refuse to believe that they are all this bad. As for the photoready/HD trend, I realize its just a trend that makeup is going through right now, but that is no excuse for a bad product, I own MUFE HD Foundation and it is worlds better than this product (but as it is worlds more expensive, obviously a comparison would just be unfair). It is unfortunate that my first experience with a drug store foundation was a bad one, but all I can get out of this experience is I definitely will advise anyone to steer clear of this product.

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nice job... I still get my Airbrush Tshirt at AIRBRUSH REVIEWS

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