Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Collection Winners

    This spring many brands translated spring quite literally in there collections, featuring bright pastels, which to me seem better suited for Easter eggs than a face. Not because they want to make us look ridiculous, or worse, not because they believe these colors look flattering, but because they are trendy. We all have urges to indulge in trends and we all have a few trend related regrets, but if you want to look back at this spring with pride and also treat yourself to the latest product, there are a few gems to look forward to. 

Guerlain Les Roses Et Le Noir Makeup Collection for Spring 2012

This is a iridescent illuminating powder and I can't imagine a better skin finish for the warmer months.  Unfortunately I have not seen this product in person, however it photographs a different pink/purple shade at every angle and swatches as a sheer shimmer on skin. I am confident it will look just as amazing when worn. 

Unzipped Palette: from LORAC 

To me this palette softly says spring, light to deep neutral tones will suit practically all occasions. I would say these colors are subtle not boring. It seems to be a well-rounded palette of both shimmers and mattes, and cool and warm colors mostly purple and brown undertones, it is certain that they will flatter all skin-tones. 

Smudge Crayons: By Stila 

A brilliant multi-use product that comes in an array of eight unique colors, I can see these becoming a staple of my spring makeup collection. Claiming to be long lasting, crease resistant, creamy, six hour wearing, and waterproof, these can be worn as liner or shadow. Color-wise a few have a slight pastel tone but nothing I'd be ashamed to put on and I appreciate that they come in classic shades of black, brown, and blue for night or more formal occasions. 

   NARS Spring 2012 Collection 

The perfectly orchestrated chaos in this collection is what makes it so beautiful. Ignoring the futuristic blue shadow pencil wildcard, this is an assortment of sophisticated neutrals, a smart choice for anyone who wants a spring night time look. The most unique lip color selections of the season by far, sharply contrasted by a candy pink blush, and frosted lavender nail polish, and topped off with the subdued shadows, it is undoubtedly the most independent collection of the season. I am a huge fan of NARS cosmetics for many reasons, aside from being attracted to the beautifully simplistic graphics of there packaging, there products are always of the best quality and they just have a color selection that is ridiculously perfect. 

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