Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring desires

Chanel Spring makeup collection 2012 

   As spring approaches we find makeup stores stocking up and magazines heavily advertising this years spring collections. Browsing through them, I did not fail to notice nor was I surprised to find that Chanel had chosen the most beautifully sophisticated and flattering pallet I had seen yet. Bright pastels, particularly lavender and teal were the popular choice among other collections this year but Chanel went for less in your face color and more for softer classically spring assortments of rosy pinks fading to peachy oranges. There is not one thing in this collection that would only be acceptable to wear in spring yet looking through it sparks images of bright sunny afternoons and calm strolls through freshly blooming gardens. These colors inspire a peaceful serenity I think spring should have and this collection is just one more thing for me to lust over.

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