Friday, April 13, 2012

Beauty Blender and Cleanser: About, Review, How-To

The Beauty Blender was created by makeup artist Rea Ann Silvia to be the perfect makeup applicator and blending tool, giving a flawless finish and complexion. The shape and texture was designed to softly glide across the face but also fit into the curves of the face. The beauty blender is latex-free, non allergenic, and odor free. The cleanser is lightly scented, dye and skin irritant free, and is soy-based making it environmentally friendly.  You can find beauty blenders online and in some beauty stores, and it comes in packs that include multiple beauty blenders and/or cleanser. Beauty Blenders are also recyclable, find out how to recycle your beauty blender here
A while ago I purchased the package that included two beauty blenders and cleanser, and initially was not incredibly impressed with the product. However over time I realized with every use I began to appreciate what it had to offer, and I was even more impressed when I learned about the brands environmentally friendly ways.  

Dry vs. Wet Beauty Blender
The Beauty Blender
It's more than just a makeup sponge, it doesn't feel or act like the average sponge and the results you get reflect that. When wet the sponge nearly doubles in size, It's springy, soft, and smooth, allowing any method of  contact with your face to be pleasant. The shape is convenient, the larger round bottom can easily stipple product on the larger areas of the face quickly and the pointed tip is perfect for the hard to reach smaller areas of the face. The roundness insures that your makeup will be  perfectly blended and streak free, while the moisture in the sponge gives a natural finish to any foundation. 

  • Soft texture is very comfortable on face
  • Comfortable to hold in hand
  • The shape offers quick, easy, and convenient application
  • Wet texture offers natural finish to makeup 
  • Latex free and non allergenic, insures no skin irritation 

Down Falls: 
  • Very long dry time
  • Dye on sponge fades (due to environmentally friendly dyes) 
  • Absorbs product (about the same as a brush)
  • Expensive for a sponge (a single beauty blender is about $20, my package was about $40, and other packages are between this range) 

5oz bottle of cleanser 

The Blender cleanser 
This cleanser was included with my beauty blenders, however purchase of the cleanser is optional. The cleanser being soy-based and lightly scented is environmentally friendly and doesn't irritate the skin. It is lightly scented but I dislike the smell, which they claim to be lavender, however it doesn't linger on the sponge. The pump on the cleanser is perfectly designed to deposit product onto the beauty blender. Cleansing the beauty blender is quick and easy. However since I have never tried using another cleanser I remain indifferent towards this product.

  • The pump makes cleansing easy 
  • Large amount of product included
  • Cleanses the sponge without leaving residue 
  • Environmentally friendly 
Down Falls:
  • I dislike the smell of this cleanser 
How-to / Tips
  • I recommend always using the Beauty Blender wet. When it is dry it doesn't preform well, its a rough texture and will absorb tons of product. 
  • I find applying your makeup to the skin first then using the Beauty Blender to blend it out gives better results than applying the makeup directly to the sponge.
  • For me the Beauty Blender works best with liquid foundations or blushes, but not so well with cream formulas.
  • When blending, the soft and pliable texture and the round shape will allow you to use any motion such as stippling, rolling, or wiping, without streaking or skin irritation.  
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