Monday, April 23, 2012

Beauty Hassles: Great products I neglect due to laziness

I need my beauty sleep so these are the products I don't reach for in the morning.

MAC Pigments
Pigments are a little scary to begin with, they are packaged in little pots or tubes and we are given no direction as to their use, but their messy disposition is the thing I hate most about them. I have MAC pigments in beautiful colors, they are great quality, and they wear well, I have no problem with the product itself. However If I tried to use these when I am getting ready in the morning it would be disastrous. I have some in the smaller tube-like packaging and the opening is so small its impossible to fit a brush in the container. So are we supposed to dump the product out? Then when you think you got the right amount of product dumped our on your counter, you apply it to your lids and get fallout. Both my bathroom and my face would be a mess if I used these on a daily basis. 

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
 I love my NARS lip pencils, they are classic smooth matte lip color in a long wearing pencil. I am a classic lipstick kind of girl but these brought me to the 21st century, I don't need glossy or frosted lips, all I need to feel great are these pencils ... and like 20 minutes. The large crayon shape makes it quite difficult to get the precises lines that my lips need, the thick pencil is supposed to make application quicker but it does the opposite. 

Any Liquid Liner
I am particular about my liquid liners, I don't want felt pens, gel liners, and not even you MAC Fluid Line. I have never been satisfied with the results of any liquid liner impostor and I must suffer the consequences. To be simply put, true Liquid liner requires a lot of concentration and a steady hand, things that I just don't have in the morning. 

Some Cream Blushes
It should come as no surprise that I own a few cream blushes, I cant resist a blush. What I like most about cream formulas is they look great in winter, when my skin is dry they give it some life like any blush should but also more radiance than a powder could offer. But unlike their powder counterparts they aren't always so easy to apply. You cant just take a nice fluffy brush and blend it out so easily. I usually apply these with fingers and get a rather streaky application then do some rubbing to compensate which makes getting a precise application very difficult, It usually has an unattractive outcome. Use these without care you can end up with pink smudges and stains all over your cheeks. 

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