Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The benefits of Powder Foundation

Recently I realized I needed to pay some respects to powder foundations. A resilient staple in my makeup collection, my first grown-up makeup item, and reflecting on it not a bad product at all. When I was first enticed by the makeup world I tossed my plain old powder foundation aside at the mention of liquid foundations and their array of fancy finishes to choose from, I could be matte, dewy, satiny, natural, anything I want. The possibilities still excite me and I have been dabbling in many different foundations lately, searching for the perfect one (we all know its impossible, but we still try), however I still feel powder foundations are a bit underrated and misunderstood.

People tend to think of powder as something you use to set your foundation, while this is true, not all powders are created equal. Using a powdered foundation to set a foundation is basically just that, setting a foundation with a foundation, double the coverage and it will show. 
Onto the good stuff! In nice, brief, rant-free, bullet form for convenience.  
  • The easiest of all foundations to use, no need to worry about which brush works best, streaking, or uneven application. Just take any big fluffy powder brush or the puffs they come with (although they are not very hygienic) and there is really no thought required for application. 
  • The most "build-able" coverage you can get. No need to wait in between applications for one layer to set, if you want more coverage just sweep on more. 
  • Best for oily skin, it is a powder so it will wear longer, without as many touch-ups as a foundation would require.  
  • Convenient for travel. Nothings more travel friendly than a compact! 
 Brands I like: 
Sephora Mineral Foundation: Finally a mineral foundation in compact form! I am way to clumsy for loose powders which is why I never have tried Bare Minerals. The texture of this powder is really nice, it is soft and satiny, the powder is really fine so it doesnt sit on your skin and look too... powdery. As for the whole mineral claim, I honestly dont know if it really is "better" for your skin than a normal foundation, but it has never cause any skin problems for me and my skin has been known to be quite sensitive at times. It has all the Benefits listed above and is a pretty fair price considering how long it will last you. 
Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation: This powder is soft and fine but can give a very full coverage. It can give an amazing flawless matte look but unfortunately it also is very easy to overdo and look too powdery. However if you want full coverage, use this powder with MAC's Fix+ spray, I find the spray is very good for taking the cakey powdery finish off the skin but doesnt affect the coverage. Again this has all the benefits listed above and has never caused any skin problems for me. 
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Sian said...

I've just come across your blog and I absolutely love it! I prefer powder foundations to liquid ones, for the reasons you stated here - and they're quick and easy to apply in the morning! They're definitely an under-rated beauty product.

Sian xx

Sara Java said...

Thank you =).

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