Monday, April 9, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush: My Spring Blush Pick

To me spring is just an excuse to buy another blush. It's an anything goes type of season but we all feel the need to brighten up, most likely as a symbol of freedom from winter's clutches. A time where we can embrace color and it will never seem out of place is naturally the time when my blush collection see's the most action. This year I wasn't satisfied with just one new blush, I fell in love with Maybelline's entire line of Dream Bouncy Blushes (For which I mentioned my initial thoughts Here) and ended up with three. 

Pink Frosting (bottom), Fresh Pink(top left), and Orchid Hush (top right)

I was drawn to these by the beautiful fresh color selection, but the cute packaging and my curiosity about the word "bouncy" sealed the deal and I purchased "fresh pink". It was a nice soft yet awake pink, something that every blush collection can benefit from, and upon application it blends into the skin like a dream and gives me a nice natural sweet pink flush. A little too natural... to satisfy my craving for the vibrant hues I got "pink frosting" which is a shade or two darker and is quiet bright on my complexion and "orchid hush" a lavender color for when i'm feeling adventurous.  

Mine are clearly used loved.
As you can see, much like a cream product unattractive fingerprints get left behind, and ruining the perfect little dome shape is always heartbreaking but unavoidable. I have no idea what makes it bouncy but it is a consistency that is as much fun to wear as it is to poke. It is like a cream without the annoyances, no greasiness, no unblendable staining, no stickiness, no smearing, and no (insert any problem here). I believe the reason for this is it is more of a cream to powder consistency than an actual cream. However unlike a powder that can appear chalky, this sinks into the skin like a true cream, offering a natural texture. Many powdered blushes sit on top on the skin and give such a dense coverage that the flush doesn't look natural, leaving blush streaks or clown cheeks (rhyme unintentional), so I appreciate that this formula offers a good color pay off while allowing a bit of skin to show through.

Swatch Time: Orchid Hush, Pink Frosting, Fresh Pink (from left to right)

Here is the big complaint about these blushes, not all of the shades are so fantastically pigmented. The majority of negative reviews I have read only dislike that they do not show up on darker skin tones. Now, I do not have this problem, being still with my winter complexion I can wear even orchid hush (one of the lightest shades) and the brightest I can get away with is Pink Frosting. However I have seen a few shades that are quite bright and I think they will be visible on most skin tones. I just don't find that to be a relevant argument; like most things in makeup one shade is not going to work for everyone, so luckily these come in ten. 
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