Saturday, April 21, 2012

Most Disappointing Elf products

Elf's Golden Bronzer seemed like the perfect addition to any bronzer collection. In the pan it looks like the perfect assortment of bronze and golden toned shades, a well rounded palette with enough to satisfy you on a hot sunny day. At just a glance I thought I'd have no problems with this product, however I was immediately disappointed after I tried it on and saw no change in my reflection. 

The problem I have with this product is the colors that look so great in the pan do not look as great on skin.  Above is a swatch of every color in the pan and not even one is dark enough to be a qualified bronzer. They all have a golden tone, which I expected from the name "Golden Bronzer" but there is too much gold and not enough bronze. When mixed together these become a golden champagne color, a shade so light that it can be used as a high-light on skin-tones only slightly darker than mine. As for me this product is not even visible enough on my skin to be used for anything, as I tried out each shade individually I discovered all of them, even the darkest brown, do nothing for me, they just seem to disappear. Oddly enough I wouldn't say its a pigmentation problem, although they don't have the greatest pigmentation in the world it's still decent, however the powder seems too fine, its sort of dusty and doesn't want to stick to the skin. It does a very strange disappearing act that is hard to comprehend but in short, steer clear of this product. 

Tinted lip balms are a staple go-to lip product for any time of year, being casual and convenient they're always in demand for me. I got two beautiful vibrant colors, a coral pink called "Mellow Melon" and a red called "Romantic Rouge", they have great pigmentation for a tinted lip balm, something that was surprising but welcomed. From first glance I had an issue with the packaging, it is way bulkier than necessary and all for a see-through glass cube shape that is not even attractive, I like my lip balms to be sleek and practical for travel, but for these gorgeous colors I could cope. However this story had a more tragic ending than the first, I can't even wear this product if I wanted to because I am highly allergic. Only a few moments after these touch my lips they feel hot and itchy and throb in pain, I must take the product off immediately. I am not usually allergic to cosmetics so I looked at reviews of this product to see if it was a common problem, it seems not to be a huge problem but allergic reactions are more prevalent then anything I've ever researched. Some people seem to think that there is a plumping agent that causes the tingling, but I am certain there is no plumping ingredients in this, that feeling is most likely a mild allergic reaction. I was obviously not able to test the wear of this product, but even with my great first impression since my allergic reaction was so bad I would hesitate to recommend these to anyone. 
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