Friday, April 6, 2012

Released today: MAC Tres Cheek collection

MAC Tres Cheek Collection

If there is one thing I cannot resist it is a blush. MAC's Tres Cheek collection could not be more perfectly timed, Spring has just arrived and I want my face to be as fresh as the blooming flowers. This collection really delivers that Spring color palette, there is a pink for everyone (subtle neutral toned, mid-toned, blue toned) peachy oranges, and my favorite, a lavender to liven things up. MAC claims that the blushes are "seamlessly sheer, and stay as bright as they appear in the palette" and I want to believe them, there is nothing better than a little skin showing through a vibrant blush, it makes a look feel so light and airy that the fact that you are wearing lavender blush just seems irrelevant. 

MAC Tres Cheek Collection

Note the beautiful color section above are limited edition shades. Dare I say MAC has too many limited edition collections, and im starting to think they just enjoy pulling at our heart strings. Let me not forget to mention some already concerning news, some shades are already sold out Here, on the mac website and they were only released today. As I reminisce about my previous failed attempt to acquire a product from the spectacular Disney Villains collection, I can only hope that MAC stores have stocked up. I cannot imagine this collection not being wildly popular, but that is coming from a blush addict.  

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