Saturday, April 7, 2012

An Alternative to the Clarasonic

Sigma's Cleansing and Polishing Tool

These electric cleansing tools seem to be the beauty connoisseur's latest infatuation. I for one get caught up in all the hype and glamour of the latest beauty gizmo and end up buying things I don't need. Case In Point: Sigma's Cleansing & Polishing tool, it is a product that falls into that category and although it is not a bad product, it is definitely not the revolutionary new skincare miracle that we have been lead to believe. 

Simga's cleansing and polishing tool

I believe Clarasonic is responsible for introducing this product to us and along with that innovation comes a hefty price tag, but now there are more options. This product was made by Sigma and it only costs about $40 and that includes the case, the tool, and three brush heads. All this is a great for the price, the case and all the attachments combined with the "Think pink collection" theme makes the product feel like something luxurious. And luxurious is the word I would use because it is not a necessity, it is not a skincare 'must have'  and it is not something I use daily, it has just become a tool that I take out whenever my skin needs a little extra attention. 

Simga's cleansing and polishing tool

The tool has two speeds and three detachable heads; a soft bristle head (pink), a medium bristle head (pink with white ring), and a firm bristle head (pink with white center). Its great that it comes with all these options but the problem is that the bristles are just too abrasive for everyday use. Even the 'soft' one exfoliates the skin and I don't think even a person with the worst skin should exfoliate daily. I have normal skin but like everyone else's it gets dirty and oily everyday, but this tool over-cleans the skin, your skin should never feel squeaky clean or tight after a cleansing. I prefer to use this with any of the attachments only when my skin needs a deep cleaning. Since the skin on the body is thicker and more tolerant, this tool works best for me as a occasional body exfoliater. 

Simga's cleansing and polishing tool
I do appreciate this tool and get my use-value out of it, and I do not regret buying it. I just view it as something special, not the daily skincare game-changer that it is advertised as. Much like the electric toothbrush that you begged your mom to buy you as a child, promising if you get it you'll brush your teeth twice a day, this product is initially exciting and you convince yourself it'll change your daily routine but after its cool-factor fades you realize it is no better than manual cleansing. 

Details of use: 

This can be used with any non-exfoliating cleanser. The tool has two speeds and spins clockwise only. It is water resistant not water proof (I still use mine in the shower, just don't submerge it in water). It runs off two AA batteries. Should not be used to cleanse a single area for over one minute. A "Spa Solutions" collection is now available, it includes three new attachments: A silicon extra soft brush, A silicon massager head, a pumice exfoliator head. 
See all available attachments for this product Here

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