Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Best sunscreen to use under makeup

It's about 90 degrees where I live today so I thought its the time to share my favorite everyday sunscreen, I have been using it on my body and face under my makeup every spring/summer for about two years now, its comfortable and lightweight, non-greasy, and looks great under makeup. 

We make a lot of excuses not to wear sunscreen daily: its greasy, it smells, its a hassle to apply, it stings when it melts into our eyes, ect, nonetheless it's still important. We already spend a lot of time and money on foundations, moisturizers, acne and wrinkle treatments trying to get perfect skin, so it makes no sense that we avoid applying sunscreen even though it prevents the sun from damaging our skin. 
I am fair skinned and live in Southern California where the sun is strong, so I tried tons of sunscreens out trying to find one that I can comfortably wear everyday and under makeup, this one is by far my favorite.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch Sunblock 
Why I like it for everyday:
The first sunblock that I found that claimed to be light weight and not greasy, I was skeptical but those claims turned out to be completely true and it is the reason I can tolerate using this everyday. It absorbs into the skin fast and has almost a powdery feel at first and It's very lightly scented and that scent fades quickly, nothing like that dreaded "sunblock smell" that is totally attractive.
It comes in a variety of SPF options but I always just buy the highest I can find, because... why not? It also has "helioplex" which is a completely made-up word that means it protects against a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB rays. Isn't that what all sunblocks do? ... I hope so.
 The packaging is light weight plastic and I have only seen the 3oz size, Only available in small sizes? That's completely unacceptable in America! I don't really mind because its more portable so I can easily reapply later in the day. This size lasts me a few weeks since I only need to apply it to exposed skin, usually face, arms, and chest. The packaging is very secure, I don't have to worry about it melting and getting all over my bag. It's a squeezy tube but it is sturdy, not flimsy plastic that'll get crushed. Also the opening seems to control the amount that comes out, you will never find excess in the lid or take off the cap and have melted sunblock come rushing out. 

Why I like it under makeup
The simple fact that it is not greasy and absorbs into the skin completely makes it great under makeup. I put this on, wait a minute or two for it to soak in completely, and then apply my makeup. I have never noticed a difference in how my makeup wears with this under it. Also my skin can be sensitive to heavier products (although, this is not heavy) like thick foundations or concealers, and this has never broken me out. This is dry to the touch, hence the name, it does not make the skin look or feel oily, so its formulation absolutely does not interfere with makeup application or wear. 

I also want to include a primer with sunscreen in it, since from time to time I wear stubborn foundations that absolutely need a primer.

MAC Prep+Prime Face Protect
If I have a foundation that does not wear well without a primer, instead of wearing sunscreen and a primer on my face, I use this one. Simply because it offers SPF 50, which is a considerable amount of protection for any makeup product. It works great but it's a bit expensive for only 1oz of product.
But does it have Helioplex??? We can't assume anything.
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Rebecca♥ said...

This is a really useful post, thanks! I always find that sun cream makes me look (and feel) really greasy so I've also been searching for the perfect facial sun cream! I bought a cheap one not long ago, but the weather in England is SO awful I haven't truly been able to try it out yet. I might give this combo a go! :) xxxxxxx

Psikopat Senaryolar 5 Oyunu said...

i might give this combo a go!great

Sara Java said...

I hope you can find it where you live, good luck =)

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