Sunday, May 27, 2012

Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Vs. The Falsies Flared

Maybelline has arguably the best and most extensive line of mascaras in the market. Their line of "Volum'express" mascaras include "The Falsies" which has apparently become so popular there is now a few variations of the original formula "Black Drama" and "Flared" ...and possibly something to do with lace? although the Maybelline website and most of google denies its existence. Every time I go to the drugstore there seems to be a new variation out, so what's the difference? Honestly the difference isn't incredibly apparent so I've been using these interchangeably for a while to really get a feel for them.

Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama vs. The Falsies Flared

Consistency/ formulation:
All of The Falsies mascaras have the same consistency, its a formulation that I am not really thrilled with. When it's all fresh and new its a very wet gel-like consistency that glides on and coats your lashes fully and evenly. Sounds perfect to me, but only a few weeks later it dries out and the drier it gets the more clumpy and flakey it becomes. It becomes so hard to work with in such a short period of time that I would actually say it's not one of my favorite mascaras.

Length, Volume, Definition:
Length: These both seem to be equally lengthening. They also aren't incredibly lengthening, they give as much length as the average Volum'express mascara would, but since it's called "Falsies" I expected more. However if you want a real lengthening mascara my current favorite is actually Maybelline's Illegal Length. 
Volume: There is no difference in the volume the formula produces however, I would say that "Flared" gives a more thicker look to the lashes, I guess you can call that volume. The "Flared" wand tends to create more volume by sticking groupes of lashes together. That's one way to create volume but im not so much a fan of the "spider-lash" thing. 
Definition:  "Black drama" gives more definition to lashes, the wand combs through lashes and coats more of them, which I guess also creates volume as well, its just not as apparent as "Flared". Now you see how this gets confusing.

You really can only tell the difference close up
Also Its really hard to take a photo of your own eye.
Tends to give more definition. It also does seem to be slightly blacker as well.

Lashes tend to group together. Do they seem more flared??  I hate that one lash that points downward

Black Drama: The wand on black drama is similar, if not the same as the original falsies. It's thin and curved, the spines grabs even the smallest lashes and coats them.

Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama

Flared: The wand is a lot thicker, its the same curved shape just fatter. The spines are more evenly spaced but also further apart. This is why I think it tends to make groups of lashes clump together.

Maybelline The Falsies Flared

Overall it just comes down to preference. I have already stated that I do not care much for the formulation of any of The Falsies mascaras but between these two I prefer Black Drama. I like the smaller wand I think it makes application easier and I like my lashes to be defined. This is just my preference, in the end the real "winner" is up to you, everyone likes or needs something different in their mascara, which is why we end up with so may variations to choose from in the first place.  
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Anonymous said...

More thicker? You need to work on your writing skills.

Sara Java said...

I'll make it my top priority, all mighty mysterious makeup loving grammar god!

Diana said...

Hahaha that first comment :)
I've seen the lace one around too you're not alone! I have tried and tested the Orignal, Black Drama and the Flared and I honestly could not tell the difference once it was on my face..but I do love love the Illegal length!

Sara Java said...

I cant tell much of a difference either, but my all time favorite is still the Colossal Volume.

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