Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nars summer 2012 collection

Last season I deemed Chanel's spring 2012 collection my favorite collection of the season for its beautifully sophisticated and fresh color palette. This season I am smitten with the Nars summer 2012 collection for its unexpected take on summer shades. 

Nars always has a fresh perspective when it comes to their collections, this season I appreciate that they steered away from the over-rated 'bronze goddess' summer look. There isn't a bronze in this entire collection and it is sooo refreshing, that being said the color palette still manages to give off a warm vibe. 

Ramatuelle Eyeshadow Trio
A stunning palette considering how incredibly simple it is, the shades are described as "silver, icy peach, and apricot", who would of thought of sparkling silver would work for summer? Not me. It would create a very light airy eye that would be perfect on a scorching summer day and it beautifully compliments any one of the other products in the collection. 
Marie-Galante Eyeshadow Duo
Consisting of the shades "Iridescent Orchid and Iridescent Regal Blue" this the edge of the collection, It seems as though Nars always throws in a vibrant color into their collections. Summer is the time we all relax, vacation, and party and fittingly these shades are bright and fun.
Liberte Blush 
A matte blush in a "Burnt Apricot" shade, far from the bronzed pink or nude pinks we see often in summer collections, this is a very obvious and deep shade. However the concept of it is brilliant, it gives the type of flush that would suggest one was in the sun all day, the tone is slightly red-orange which gives a very apparent warming effect to the skin. 
Calabria Shadow Pencil
This is a quite a deep shade of plum and slightly shimmery (last pencil in photo). This pencil is perfect for the season, dark enough to be used to define the lashline or outer eye but still not dark enough to be considered too harsh for summer. It also compliments the two eye palettes nicely. 

Vendanges Sheer Lipstick
The color of this lipstick might seem very harsh for summer, it is also a deep plummy red shade, however it is a sheer lipstick so it looks light and hydrating. 
Moscow Pure Matte Lipstick
Just as the title suggests its a strawberry red matte lipstick. If you are going for a red lip in summer, a lighter brighter red such as this, is the color that would be the most appropriate looking. A matte lipstick would seem heavy for the season but strawberry and summer go together so well that I can forgive the finish.
Never Say Never Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
Another Matte lip product in a deep pink rosy shade (middle pencil in photo). This is the more edgy lip color, it adds fun to the collection while still not seeming out of place since it compliments the eye palette beautifully. 
Buenos Ares Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil
This collection is a bit lip product heavy, but there is nothing heavy about this lip product. It is a very light pinkish nude shade, so light and glossy it's the ease of the collection. 
Trouville Nail Polish 
This light pink polish is the icing on the cake. Neutral enough not to clash with the collection but still provides enough color to add polish to any look. 

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