Thursday, May 3, 2012

New MAC collections: First Impressions

Today I was for once not angry and bitter when the door bell rang and I had to get up to answer it, for the postman had brought me a gift, inside an unnecessarily large box was an order I placed online for quite a few MAC products I've been eagerly awaiting! I am excited to share my first impressions, photos, and swatches of products from the In Extra Dimension, Reel Sexy, and Too Supreme collections. 

The un-boxing 

Reel Sexy Collection 
I wanted more from this collection but the only thing I could get my hands on was a beautifully bold blush in "Magenta". This is a true magenta, a deep purplish mauve pink color, In fact if I hadn't seen this blush in person I would not have believed the color of images online to be true, for I have never seen a blush like it and naturally that convinced me that I had to have it. 
Its a Matt finish which I like for most of my blushes but It swatches true to color also, so its not for the faint of heart. I imagine for lighter skin tones it requiring a very gentile hand and a bit of bravery to pull off, but I never back down from a blush. 

Magenta blush and Blossom culture lipstick.

Too Supreme Collection
This was sort of an obscure collection for me, it got lost and forgotten in my mind behind all the great photos and swatches I've been seeing of the others. The display was hidden in a corner of the MAC store but it somehow caught my eye, luckily these new lipsticks and glosses have new packaging or I would of mistaken them for the permanent line. 
I got a Sheen supreme lipstick in a a shade called "Blossom Culture" it reminds me of a flower petal pink, natural but still lively. The product is more sheer and shiny than a normal lipstick, it feels quite hydrating it's formulation seems very similar to the Revlon Lip Butters. It has the same sweet candy scent that the MAC LipGlasses have but it's not nearly as sticky as the glosses. The lipstick has about the same amount of sheen a lipbalm would have, it is not "glossy" but the sheen is from the "pearl rich" formula, in the lipstick you can see the glimmering specks of pearl but on the lips it translates to beautiful radiance not chucks of glitter. 

Skinfinish Whisper of gilt, Eyeshadows Blue orbit and Modern Pewter. 

In Extra Dimension Collection 
This is the collection that most captivated me, I have a weakness for metallics.I honestly couldn't decide between all of the beautiful skinfinishes and eyeshadows, it was a bit overwhelming to choose. In the store there was only a few left that I could actually swatch, luckily there were many swatch photos available online. I had the most troubling choosing a skinfinish but for $29 I could only have one. All these products have a very odd consistency MAC describes as a "liquid powder formula" Its almost like a cream to powder but feels more slippery like a liquid I suppose, its different but I like it. 
The skin finish I ended up with is called "Whisper of Gilt" I am very excited because it is my first ever skinfinish. I somehow missed out on the skinfinish train in past collections, and I am not completely sure as to its uses just yet. Whisper of Gilt is a soft gold which I bought because I'd look best on my skin-tone, I assume the champagne colored "Superb" would not show up, and I swatched "Glorify" a beautiful bronze but just too deep for my coloring. These come in such large pans but I think Whisper of Gilt will make a beautiful highlight, but it is way too metallic and shimmery to be used all over the face, I mean I'd look like a golden alien .... or Goddess! (maybe that's what they were going for?)
The first eyeshadow I decided on is called "Modern Pewter" Its a natural toned metallic shade that I would typically wear however it is hard to even describe the color since it seems to change with the light. It has a lot of, well, Dimension, It's a bit gold, a little silver, and even green at times, confusing but still beautiful. 
Lastly I got the eye shadow in "Blue Orbit", its seems like a very vibrant blue in the pan, but on the skin it glimmers a light blue and in some light even appears a bit purple, but always shimmers with metallic silver flecks. 

Just a swipe and you can see they are quite pigmented.

Left to right, Sheen Supreme lipstick "Blossom Culture", top "Modern Pewter" eyeshadow, bottom "Blue Orbit" eyeshadow, top "Magenta" blush, bottom "Whisper of gilt" skinfinish. 

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