Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Faded Metallic NOTD


Couldn't decide which one of my favorite summer nail polishes to wear, so I decided to wear them all at once! If only this worked with lipstick.

I used a sponge stippling technique. This is a very subtle way of wearing three colors at once, colors with completely different tones and finishes blend seamlessly. If your favorite summer colors happen to be peachy pink, rose gold, and bronze, then it turns out they go great together. 

 It's one of those nails that looks best out of the bright light. 
You see that dent in my middle finger is from me deciding to poke my nails to see if they were dry. Not the best idea I have ever had.
Unnecessary close up.
It may look like glitter but its actually a metallic called "the next ceo", metallic finishes are best for this effect, they give better pigmentation and shine than frost and the sparkle of glitter but no grittiness! At first I stippled on a frost called "buy me a cameo" and the effect was way to subtle and not build-able enough to create a fade, it did however work very well along side the metallic. 

Closest to what it looks like in real life. Without the scrutiny of the camera's zoom lens.

The real stars of the show: A glossy finish peachy or corally pink Avon "Apricot Mystery", Metallic finish golden bronze Nicole by OPI "The next CEO", and a frosted copper / rose gold Essie "Buy me a cameo". Even on their own these happen to be some of my favorite summer color,s maybe i'll swatch them sometime. 

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoos VS. MAC Paint Pots


I know these products have been on the market for a while and I have been wanted to post on this topic for a few months but it's just been hard for me to put my feelings into fancy sophisticated words, so I just gave up and settled for blunt sass. I feel this comparison is stupid! See, you were warned. Usually I would stay away from anything I deem stupid but to this day, I can not avoid the inevitable question, "Oh, those are just like Mac paint pots, right?" every time I mention Color Tattoos. So, I will let my stance be known once and for all, and hope someone agrees with me. 

In a community where ever minuscule detail of a foundation, mascara, or lipstick is analysed, no one can see past the obvious and realize that these two products are completely different? 
The Obvious:
 The formulation is the obvious similarity between the two, they're both long wearing, highly pigmented, cream products and both can be worn on their own or as bases to keep eye shadow in place. Oh, and they both come in cute little glass pots. 
Why they're not the same / aka why this is stupid:
Lets take a moment to think about why we compare things, .... because we want to know which one is best, if they're interchangeable, or in the makeup world if they're dupes. As of now these products are not dupes and they're not interchangeable, therefore this comparison makes no sense.
Maybelline Color Tattoos are advertised almost as cream pigments, they focus on color pay off and longevity. The fact that they stay in place without a primer does not change what they are! Their color selection (See here) offers neutrals and brights, shimmers and mattes, but the color is clearly the focus of the product. 
Mac Paint Pots are used and sold with the intention of being eye shadow bases/primers. Apart from limited edition shades the shades sold (See here) are neutral and skin-tone shades, there are shimmers and mattes but they aren't the colors you'd see in a pigment line. 
The way I see it Maybelline color tattoos are cream pigments and Mac Paint Pots are cream bases,  and although I love both, they're completely different, you don't compare a liner to a lipstick! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

L'oreal Magic Perfecting Base Review


L'oreal's Magic Perfecting Base is one of the many new products from, what I like to call their "Magic" line, because it sounds exciting! Exciting to me/lame to you, all I know  is they have been slapping "Magic" infront of everything lately and I wanted to know if it lived up to that title.

Can't say I was drawn to this right away, it seemed like the most boring item in the line. No fun at all, Actually I wanted the Magic Lumi primer, I was am intrigued by the promise of magic illuminating ... stuff that brightens without glitter (my arch-nemesis!).  Upon seeing the prices I thought, maybe a primer is a primer, and since I had a coupon for Magic Perfecting Base, and it claimed to be their #1 primer, how could I resist? 

Sidenote: Coupon is pronounced coo-pon, "cou" is not pronounced "Q"!
Dont let the colors fool you, it may seem that I am out numbered on this matter, but based on the rules of the Electoral college system (aka how we elect presidents) Coo-pon is actually winning. Thank you, democracy.
BTW, I found this on google out of sheer luck....  

Anyways! I felt so smug that I got $2 off and I paid about $9 which I thought was reasonable for a primer. However, in some places this retails for about $13 where I bought it it was about $11, which is already a bit pricey for any drug store product. Then I saw the packaging size was .5oz and I felt a bit cheated, Consider that MAC skin base visage which is 1oz retails for $28. I know that's a lot of numbers but If you cant do the math that means they're basically the same price. 

The product is a whipped mousse texture, a bit similar to the MAC base, but thicker. Its silicon-y and like most primers with silicon it smooths across your face easily and you dont need much product. It comes in a pot (germaphobes gasp), a small pot with a small opening. It's a nice sturdy glass pot, that I have dropped and the only part that broke was the plastic lid. Some say pots are less hygienic but whether its a pot or a tube doesn't matter to me, either way its going to be applied with fingers.

I have to say, I was angry when my first use of this product was a huge disappointment. I used it on my face and eyelids like I usually do with all my primers, and my eyeshadow creased about 3 hours later, which is likely the wear time I'd get without a primer. As for my face I can not judge, since my skin doesn't really need a primer, the results were the same.
However although the sample says "primer" all over it, the actual product does not ever claim to keep your makeup in place. L'oreal says "Get the perfect skin texture, instantly and all day. The silky, lightweight formula glides onto skin and minimizes the look of pores and fine lines. Skin looks smooth and resurfaced." Based purely on those claims I think the product preforms very well. I noticed a difference in the way my skin looks instantly after application. It somehow makes pores and uneven skin texture less apparent and also blurs the lines of my hyper-pigmentation, all while mattifying the skin. So I guess it's more intended to prep skin for makeup and make it look better under makeup, not so much "set" makeup like we all would assume from a primer or base. 

I'd say this product was defeated by expectation. I shouldn't have had the expectation of the performance of a primer or base in the first place, L'oreal should have found a different name for the product that reflects what it actually does. Instead people are going to end up with a product that reduces the appearance of pores and lines when they actually wanted a product that will set their makeup, obviously bad for ratings! 
So, it's great for those who want to reduce pores of fine lines and do not need a real "primer". I would also say this is best for someone who wears little to no foundation... kind of ironic for a "base" but it makes a difference in skin appearance on it's own but is too heavy to wear under foundation. Lastly I'd just suggest getting one of those sample/coupon things from a magazine, try before you buy and don't pay too much. 
The moral of this story for L'oreal is "Magic" is a hard word to live up to.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Red nails in Summer

My never fail red is MAC Rougemarie, its a deep apple red and one of their "cream" finishes. It's a color that transforms from a bright red to a quite deep blood red in dimmer lighting. It's so perfectly balanced that it's a classic color, it's one of the rare colors that looks great year round and also appropriate for both casual and formal occasions.

2coats taken in bright natural light
Below middle: Rougemarie in dimmer lighting. 
Blue-toned Red color,  MACs RougeMarie, Warm-toned Red color. 
As for the consistency, I think MAC's nail polishes are very well formulated, their fluid consistency is very easy to work with; It glides on without getting sticky or clumpy and smooths out on its own, but it's not so fluid that its the color appears sheer or streaky.

In my mind Red is always 'In', in both my lipstick and nail collection reds are always up for grabs no matter what season it is, It's a timeless color that can play mixed roles. It's classic and sophisticated yet sexy and seductive, not to mention its the official color of evil ... and Christmas!

This is completely relevant to this post!

To insure you don't seem too eager to start the holidays put aside all glittery, frosted, or burgundy reds. Pretty much anything else is fair game, just a matter of preference. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nicole by OPI Wear Something Spar-kylie: NOTD


My NOTD is Nicole by OPI The Kardashian Kolor collecion's "Wear Something Spar-Kylie", yet another full coverage pink glitter polish. It's glittery and it's pink but I swear it's different from the last one! 

Note To Self: Seriously, stop buying pink glitter nail polish.   

Nicole by OPI Wear something Spar-Kylie
Taken in natural light, 2 coats of polish and no top coat. 

I couldn't let my deep seeded hatred for all reality "stars" get between me and and my love of glitter nail polishes; when you find one with a consistency this perfect, do not take it lightly, its a very rare occurrence and you must seize it. May sound a little overly dramatic but, anyone who has had their fair share of glitter nail polish disappointments knows not to let what it looks like in the bottle heighten their expectations. A rule that I live by while nail polish shopping, I have a trust no glitter polish policy.
But this one was different, upon first impression I noticed the consistency was similar to that wet craft glitter in the squeezy tubes, I used as a kid, the difference being this is toxic and comes complete with that toxic nail polish smell, nonetheless it was all very nostalgic and I had to buy it. It's uncommon that the base in a glitter polish is as sheer as this, its just a sheer pink but it's packed with pink glitter, together they create a consistency that perfectly glides and coats nails with tons of glitter, without becoming a thick gloopy layer of polish that will take ten hours to dry. In reality this takes practically no time to dry, it's a very effortless nail polish and I hate effort.
The photos are really true to color, its a very bright fruity pink color, the glitter I am sure is actually pink but gleams silver when the light hits it. There is so much glitter that the light reflects off of the nails in every direct which is mesmerizing to look at and makes me feel like I have a party on my nails.

Nicole by OPI Wear something Spar-Kylie
Close up: Taken in natural light, 2 coats of polish and no top coat. 
What's the downside? The glitter is very gritty, its almost impossible to make your nails smooth. Possibly with a few dozen layers of top coat? Also, I may be imagining this but I feel like the gritty texture makes my nails chip easier, got some chips only a few hours after painting. It's all just the price you pay for a party on your nails.    

Friday, June 1, 2012

Spring Favorites


Normally I dabble in my makeup collection from day to day, but for the last few months I've been gravitating towards a few products. The have just been so easy to throw on from day to day and seem very appropriate for spring. Even though summer is approaching  im still not ready to give them up.

Beauty Blender Sponge

I have been having a bit of a foundation crisis lately but no matter what I choose to wear I have been relying on my beauty blender to make it look good. It's spring, I haven't been wanting my skin to look too matte or powdery. The beauty blender just adds the perfect amount of moisture and creates the most natural finish to make any foundation look more fresh. 

Victoria's Secret Gorgeous Perfume 

I got this as a Christmas present, before then I wasn't even aware Victoria's Secret made scents or makeup, but it was a pleasant surprise because this has quickly become my favorite scent for spring. The scent is a perfect balance of floral and sweet, but what I like most is its a subtle scent. It's light and airy and doesn't feel out of place on a spring day. Nothing worse than heavy overpowering scents when its hot out.

Urban Decay Ammo Palette: Smog, Maui Wowie, Sin, Chopper

Urban Decay Ammo Palette

I dug this out of the bottom of my makeup drawer to use the bright purple color and after that fell in love with all the neutral shades, which would come as no suprise to you if you knew me. Urban Decay is very good at making neutral shades feel special, these gleam in the light and never feel boring. They also have been the providing the perfect simple color palette to go with the vibrant pink blush or lipstick I've been wearing.

Mac Shade Stick Beige-ing, Urban Decay: Maui Wowie, Smog, Sin, Chopper

  Elf Blush in Tickled Pink

This is just a nothing special kind of blush but its also the one I reach for when I just want some natural-flush looking color on my cheeks. Its a warm pink with a bit of shimmer through it, but I never really noticed the shimmer on the skin. It's really nice for those natural makeup days or quietly complimenting a brighter makeup choice.

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Fresh Pink

I really love these little blushes, this perfectly pink color being my favorite. Of course I can go on about it havent the perfect cream to powder consistency and everything but I already did that In this post. I just feel so much prettier when I wear it, it's bright but the texture of my skin shines through it, makes me feel glowy and healthy looking.

Elf: Party Pink, MAC: chatterbox, Fresh Sugar: Rose

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose

I got a mini size of this lip balm from Sephora as my free birthday present only a few weeks ago, spoilers if you didn't know what the gift was this year. It came in a cute little box and the packaging of it is even nicer, even though its a sample size its heavy sturdy case that looks and feels like metal. It came with two, both feel and smell the same but of course I like the Rose one better for the red tint, its sheer color but it still looks nicer than your average lip balm. These have a refreshing sweet citrus scent and make my lips feel great. However I went back to check them out and discovered they have more colors but they are $22, unfortunately I dont know if I could justify spending that much on, essentially, a chapstick, it was a lovely gift though and still a favorite for spring. 

Mac Lipstick in Chatterbox

This is my favorite MAC lipstick, admittedly I only have three, that even surprises me, but its only for the color, its creamy so I find it wears off quite easily. I love this color because its so bright and vibrant but its also not too dark, I always find that true fuchsia (took me like five minutes to spell that) is always too dark for my skin-tone. So this bright color is still wearable for practically everyday, at least for me. Its gone really well with the eye shadow colors from the Urban Decay palette, pairing it with such soft neutral colors has really made it feel light and easy, even though its a bold color. 

Elf Party Pink Lipstick

I bought this online not really knowing what color it would turn out to be but its called "party pink" and that was good enough for me. When I got it I was actually surprised that it was a relatively neutral color, its a coral-y pink but its almost exactly the same color as my natural lip color. Normally I'd think that was boring and useless but its surprisingly beautiful. Its kind of like foundation for your lips it makes them look more polished, its perfect for natural days, it just makes me look healthier. This also has a really nice texture, it feels really moisturizing which is hard to find in a lipstick and it makes it so much easier to wear because you don't have to sit and even it out over the dry areas with a lipbrush. With all these benefits I think this will be one of my favorite everyday items all year. 

 That's pretty much been my spring face for the last few months, I think its a really beautiful sophisticated palette and im honestly finding it hard to give up now that summers approaching. I'm needing some inspiration and waiting to stumble upon that perfect summer product that'll get the ball rolling.