Thursday, June 14, 2012

L'oreal Magic Perfecting Base Review

L'oreal's Magic Perfecting Base is one of the many new products from, what I like to call their "Magic" line, because it sounds exciting! Exciting to me/lame to you, all I know  is they have been slapping "Magic" infront of everything lately and I wanted to know if it lived up to that title.

Can't say I was drawn to this right away, it seemed like the most boring item in the line. No fun at all, Actually I wanted the Magic Lumi primer, I was am intrigued by the promise of magic illuminating ... stuff that brightens without glitter (my arch-nemesis!).  Upon seeing the prices I thought, maybe a primer is a primer, and since I had a coupon for Magic Perfecting Base, and it claimed to be their #1 primer, how could I resist? 

Sidenote: Coupon is pronounced coo-pon, "cou" is not pronounced "Q"!
Dont let the colors fool you, it may seem that I am out numbered on this matter, but based on the rules of the Electoral college system (aka how we elect presidents) Coo-pon is actually winning. Thank you, democracy.
BTW, I found this on google out of sheer luck....  

Anyways! I felt so smug that I got $2 off and I paid about $9 which I thought was reasonable for a primer. However, in some places this retails for about $13 where I bought it it was about $11, which is already a bit pricey for any drug store product. Then I saw the packaging size was .5oz and I felt a bit cheated, Consider that MAC skin base visage which is 1oz retails for $28. I know that's a lot of numbers but If you cant do the math that means they're basically the same price. 

The product is a whipped mousse texture, a bit similar to the MAC base, but thicker. Its silicon-y and like most primers with silicon it smooths across your face easily and you dont need much product. It comes in a pot (germaphobes gasp), a small pot with a small opening. It's a nice sturdy glass pot, that I have dropped and the only part that broke was the plastic lid. Some say pots are less hygienic but whether its a pot or a tube doesn't matter to me, either way its going to be applied with fingers.

I have to say, I was angry when my first use of this product was a huge disappointment. I used it on my face and eyelids like I usually do with all my primers, and my eyeshadow creased about 3 hours later, which is likely the wear time I'd get without a primer. As for my face I can not judge, since my skin doesn't really need a primer, the results were the same.
However although the sample says "primer" all over it, the actual product does not ever claim to keep your makeup in place. L'oreal says "Get the perfect skin texture, instantly and all day. The silky, lightweight formula glides onto skin and minimizes the look of pores and fine lines. Skin looks smooth and resurfaced." Based purely on those claims I think the product preforms very well. I noticed a difference in the way my skin looks instantly after application. It somehow makes pores and uneven skin texture less apparent and also blurs the lines of my hyper-pigmentation, all while mattifying the skin. So I guess it's more intended to prep skin for makeup and make it look better under makeup, not so much "set" makeup like we all would assume from a primer or base. 

I'd say this product was defeated by expectation. I shouldn't have had the expectation of the performance of a primer or base in the first place, L'oreal should have found a different name for the product that reflects what it actually does. Instead people are going to end up with a product that reduces the appearance of pores and lines when they actually wanted a product that will set their makeup, obviously bad for ratings! 
So, it's great for those who want to reduce pores of fine lines and do not need a real "primer". I would also say this is best for someone who wears little to no foundation... kind of ironic for a "base" but it makes a difference in skin appearance on it's own but is too heavy to wear under foundation. Lastly I'd just suggest getting one of those sample/coupon things from a magazine, try before you buy and don't pay too much. 
The moral of this story for L'oreal is "Magic" is a hard word to live up to.
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