Friday, June 22, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoos VS. MAC Paint Pots

I know these products have been on the market for a while and I have been wanted to post on this topic for a few months but it's just been hard for me to put my feelings into fancy sophisticated words, so I just gave up and settled for blunt sass. I feel this comparison is stupid! See, you were warned. Usually I would stay away from anything I deem stupid but to this day, I can not avoid the inevitable question, "Oh, those are just like Mac paint pots, right?" every time I mention Color Tattoos. So, I will let my stance be known once and for all, and hope someone agrees with me. 

In a community where ever minuscule detail of a foundation, mascara, or lipstick is analysed, no one can see past the obvious and realize that these two products are completely different? 
The Obvious:
 The formulation is the obvious similarity between the two, they're both long wearing, highly pigmented, cream products and both can be worn on their own or as bases to keep eye shadow in place. Oh, and they both come in cute little glass pots. 
Why they're not the same / aka why this is stupid:
Lets take a moment to think about why we compare things, .... because we want to know which one is best, if they're interchangeable, or in the makeup world if they're dupes. As of now these products are not dupes and they're not interchangeable, therefore this comparison makes no sense.
Maybelline Color Tattoos are advertised almost as cream pigments, they focus on color pay off and longevity. The fact that they stay in place without a primer does not change what they are! Their color selection (See here) offers neutrals and brights, shimmers and mattes, but the color is clearly the focus of the product. 
Mac Paint Pots are used and sold with the intention of being eye shadow bases/primers. Apart from limited edition shades the shades sold (See here) are neutral and skin-tone shades, there are shimmers and mattes but they aren't the colors you'd see in a pigment line. 
The way I see it Maybelline color tattoos are cream pigments and Mac Paint Pots are cream bases,  and although I love both, they're completely different, you don't compare a liner to a lipstick! 

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