Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nicole by OPI Wear Something Spar-kylie: NOTD

My NOTD is Nicole by OPI The Kardashian Kolor collecion's "Wear Something Spar-Kylie", yet another full coverage pink glitter polish. It's glittery and it's pink but I swear it's different from the last one! 

Note To Self: Seriously, stop buying pink glitter nail polish.   

Nicole by OPI Wear something Spar-Kylie
Taken in natural light, 2 coats of polish and no top coat. 

I couldn't let my deep seeded hatred for all reality "stars" get between me and and my love of glitter nail polishes; when you find one with a consistency this perfect, do not take it lightly, its a very rare occurrence and you must seize it. May sound a little overly dramatic but, anyone who has had their fair share of glitter nail polish disappointments knows not to let what it looks like in the bottle heighten their expectations. A rule that I live by while nail polish shopping, I have a trust no glitter polish policy.
But this one was different, upon first impression I noticed the consistency was similar to that wet craft glitter in the squeezy tubes, I used as a kid, the difference being this is toxic and comes complete with that toxic nail polish smell, nonetheless it was all very nostalgic and I had to buy it. It's uncommon that the base in a glitter polish is as sheer as this, its just a sheer pink but it's packed with pink glitter, together they create a consistency that perfectly glides and coats nails with tons of glitter, without becoming a thick gloopy layer of polish that will take ten hours to dry. In reality this takes practically no time to dry, it's a very effortless nail polish and I hate effort.
The photos are really true to color, its a very bright fruity pink color, the glitter I am sure is actually pink but gleams silver when the light hits it. There is so much glitter that the light reflects off of the nails in every direct which is mesmerizing to look at and makes me feel like I have a party on my nails.

Nicole by OPI Wear something Spar-Kylie
Close up: Taken in natural light, 2 coats of polish and no top coat. 
What's the downside? The glitter is very gritty, its almost impossible to make your nails smooth. Possibly with a few dozen layers of top coat? Also, I may be imagining this but I feel like the gritty texture makes my nails chip easier, got some chips only a few hours after painting. It's all just the price you pay for a party on your nails.    
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John Petter said...

Really a nice color.
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Sara Java said...

It's even better in person.

Pdub Cee said...

Do you still like this polish? The bottle I have is gloopy and the brush is terrible. The glitter really settles to the bottom and I find it hard to remove. Any suggestions? Or should I toss it?

Pdub Cee said...

Do you put thinner in your polishes?

Sara Java said...

Sounds like you got a dud. I never had trouble with my glitter settling to the bottom in this particular polish. But Glitter polishes do have a shorter life expectancy, I throw mine out when they start to dry up and get gloopy =(

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