Monday, June 11, 2012

Red nails in Summer

My never fail red is MAC Rougemarie, its a deep apple red and one of their "cream" finishes. It's a color that transforms from a bright red to a quite deep blood red in dimmer lighting. It's so perfectly balanced that it's a classic color, it's one of the rare colors that looks great year round and also appropriate for both casual and formal occasions.

2coats taken in bright natural light
Below middle: Rougemarie in dimmer lighting. 
Blue-toned Red color,  MACs RougeMarie, Warm-toned Red color. 
As for the consistency, I think MAC's nail polishes are very well formulated, their fluid consistency is very easy to work with; It glides on without getting sticky or clumpy and smooths out on its own, but it's not so fluid that its the color appears sheer or streaky.

In my mind Red is always 'In', in both my lipstick and nail collection reds are always up for grabs no matter what season it is, It's a timeless color that can play mixed roles. It's classic and sophisticated yet sexy and seductive, not to mention its the official color of evil ... and Christmas!

This is completely relevant to this post!

To insure you don't seem too eager to start the holidays put aside all glittery, frosted, or burgundy reds. Pretty much anything else is fair game, just a matter of preference. 

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