Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Faded Metallic NOTD

Couldn't decide which one of my favorite summer nail polishes to wear, so I decided to wear them all at once! If only this worked with lipstick.

I used a sponge stippling technique. This is a very subtle way of wearing three colors at once, colors with completely different tones and finishes blend seamlessly. If your favorite summer colors happen to be peachy pink, rose gold, and bronze, then it turns out they go great together. 

 It's one of those nails that looks best out of the bright light. 
You see that dent in my middle finger is from me deciding to poke my nails to see if they were dry. Not the best idea I have ever had.
Unnecessary close up.
It may look like glitter but its actually a metallic called "the next ceo", metallic finishes are best for this effect, they give better pigmentation and shine than frost and the sparkle of glitter but no grittiness! At first I stippled on a frost called "buy me a cameo" and the effect was way to subtle and not build-able enough to create a fade, it did however work very well along side the metallic. 

Closest to what it looks like in real life. Without the scrutiny of the camera's zoom lens.

The real stars of the show: A glossy finish peachy or corally pink Avon "Apricot Mystery", Metallic finish golden bronze Nicole by OPI "The next CEO", and a frosted copper / rose gold Essie "Buy me a cameo". Even on their own these happen to be some of my favorite summer color,s maybe i'll swatch them sometime. 

If you want to know the details about my nail art in real time you should follow me on twitter (Click to see my page) or just tweet me for fun, I need friends =). 

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