Friday, July 6, 2012

How to remove glitter or gel nail polish

How to remove glitter or gel nail polish, with very little effort and damage to your nails. 

First things first, your list of materials includes the usual nail polish remover, however for gel nail polish removal you may need a remover that has a higher acetone content than usual. You'll also need cotton rounds (or squares, or balls, or ninja stars, whatever shape you usually buy), and the only unconventional material you will be needing is aluminum foil, which shouldn't be too hard to acquire as it is an oddly conventional unconventional item

Ninja star cotton and you're ready to battle the glitter dragons! 

Oh, and that is the proper attire for this technique.

Ninjas and glitter dragons aside: Just soak your cotton in nail polish remover, place in on your nail, cover your finger with foil, and wait. Waiting time will differ, for glitter you typically wont need to wait more than 5 minutes, but for gel you may need to wait up to 15 minutes.

 While you are waiting, enjoy your sexy new cyberman fingers, if anyone asks just tell them you have been upgraded. 

Slide your finger out of the foil and there should be little to no glitter polish left. If there is it'll be softened and easily removed. With gel there will likely be polish left, however it should also be softened and you can remove it usually by scraping it off.

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my pretty paints said...

Good to know! I hate removing glitter polish

Sara Java said...

Yes, its a brilliant technique. Works way better than scrubbing!

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