Friday, July 20, 2012

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Review

This fell into my possession after I became convinced that I needed it for months, unwilling to acknowledge anything that indicated otherwise. I wasn't attracted to it for the HD trend but because it received great reviews. I even convinced myself to buy the "HD Complexion Starter Kit" the platinum package deal of this foundation. I was expecting the best but from the start I have had a love/hate relationship with this and it hurts! Im not someone who has an eminence collection of high-end products so vast that I am deadened to their sense of luxury. The few that I have I cherish, I worry when they get lost and I beat myself up with they get damaged. To have something in my high end collection that is not perfect is devastating.  
Normally I am no good at reviews, I tend to want to say, put simply, 'it's pretty and I like it', only in a overly complex, round-about way, with fancy words and photos that are relevant to the content only in my head, among all the chaos I completely forget to include the parts that people actually want to know, you know, the parts that make my review relatively helpful. However sometimes I feel they just have to be done! This post was bordering on ridiculously long, so I condensed it into boring bullet form for your convenience. Will resume normal formatting next post! 

  • Application- I can use any brush under the sun or just fingers, it is impossible to get a bad application with such a silky foundation, it practically blends itself. 
  • Texture-  A light weight, smooth (possibly silicon?) texture. It's slippery and smooths across the face easily, which also conserves product.  
  • Finish-   The epitome of a "second skin" foundation, It's not really visible on the skin and doesn't give off a 'makeup-y' impression. I'd say a Satin finish, definitely not matte.   
  • Buildable-  Easy to sheer out or build up without looking cakey. Yay!
  • Looks great in photos- As a horribly un-photogenic person I need all the help I can get, and as a pale person I can also tell you that it is extremely difficult to insure that your entire face doesn't get washed away by flash. MUFE has a complex, technical mumbo-jumbo type of explanation for why this looks good in photos, just know that those claims are true. 

Still Confused: 

  • Color Match: With a selection of 26 shades, I still had to go back to Sephora three times before I finally settled on color 120. For some reason makeup artists want to make me two shades darker and orange. Maybe it's not the fault of the foundation but im still worried I will never get a perfect color match. 

  • Wear-  The biggest problem I have with this foundation! Without a primer, put nicely, this looks very dewy after about three hours, by the end of the day it will practically slide off of my face. By the way, I am not even an oily skin type, im normal, For most foundations I dont even use primer. With primer this lasts all day but still gets dewy. Oily skin types beware! 
  • Sticks to dry patches- In the winter my skin gets dry and this looks awful. So not suitable for dry skin types either, in my opinion. 
  • Coverage- The most confusing aspect of this foundation when I was reading reviews on it before I purchased. Some say full coverage, some say light, I say both. It oddly covers some things fully and other things lightly.  
    • Full coverage: Redness and uneven skin-tone. 
    • Light-Medium Coverage: Acne scaring, hyper-pigmentation, and dark spots
  • Cost- Can't complain too much about the cost of a luxury product, but the fact that it doesn't preform well makes me feel completely justified in my complaints. $42 for three hours of wear! 

HD Complexion Starter Kit: 
It comes with The foundation (full sized, any shade), 0.5oz HD Microperfecting Primer, 0.17 HD Microfinish Powder, and Kabuki Brush. Since this was the first liquid foundation I ever bought I thought that I would need all of these things, but your normal primer and powder will likely work fine with this foundation. This costs $79.00. The foundation alone costs $42.  

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ShariGold said...

Thank you for this review I was actually going to head to sephora this afternoon to buy that because my friend said it was good. but i have oily skin so i know what time it is when it comes to certain make up. Plus, i definitely don't want to buy anything that will slid off my face..

Sara Java said...

Thanks for commenting. If you are still interested I'd definitely suggest getting a sample first.

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