Friday, August 3, 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge: Day 3 - Chic

Just to get you up to speed on things:
Fee from Makeup Savvy is hosting a 15 Day Nail Art Challenge and has invited us all to participate! Here are the details and list of themes. Basically, There is a theme for each day and all participants can submit a post to be linked on the makeup savvy website.

I was hesitant about showing my face around so many other talented bloggers but decided to jump into this as my first blog challenge because I love nail posts, even though I'm far from skilled at nail art. 
Im starting with day three because it would just be too much for the universe to handle if I was actually on time for something, seriously, it would just collapse.

Anyways, today's theme is Chic.
Although I don't consider myself chic, I'd like to think that I at least know what it means. Too me, chic means classic and elegant but also stylish. In case you're wondering I have problems with the stylish part, when are darth vader tshirts coming back in style?

So I picked Essie's Buy me a Cameo, it's a frosted rose gold color. It's as good as a nude to me, goes with everything but the frost makes it seem a little more modern and stylish... I'm guessing. 
Plus as an added bonus it's fast drying, yay! I find the hardest part of painting my nails to be sitting still long enough not to screw them up. 

That's all for my interpretation of chic, but I will be participating in day four. Tomorrow's theme is galaxy, which is bound to be my favorite, I'm super excited! 

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