Saturday, August 4, 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge. Day 4 - Galaxy

It's Day 4 of Makeup Savvy's 15 day nail challenge, today's theme is galaxy nails.

I was very excited to try out galaxy nails for the first time and I think I got a little carried away. I wanted to create a really colorful nebula-like scene and I must have used at least 15 different nail polishes. I would normally write down the colors I used but the list was just too long.
However I do like the effect all the different layers of colors gives, makes it seem more realistic and it's not that difficult to achieve. 

My nails look like a complete mess in these pictures, it's practically impossible to keep the polish from getting on your skin and cuticles with the sponging technique. I didn't want to risk cleaning up too close to the nail, for I am quite clumsy, however I promise they look decent in real life.  

I really enjoyed doing this, I think im going to experiment with a new color combinations and post more galaxy nails in the future....well i'll probably have to wait my nails recover from this challenge first!
 Do check out Day 3 if you haven't already. 

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