Monday, August 6, 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge. Day 6 - Glitter

It's day 6 of makeup savvy's 15 day nail art challenge and today's theme is glitter. Im really enjoying this challenge, trying out new polishes and techniques, and seeing everyone elses interpretations of the themes. We are already a third of the way through and I've only participated in three challenges, and unfortunately I missed day five which was nude nails, because the galaxy nails had stained my nails so bad that my sheer nude polish couldn't cover it, it looked awful. But I wont dwell on the negative! I love glitter nail polishes and I had quite a few ideas for this post, this is what I settled on...

I originally thought to use one of my favorite full coverage glitters swatched here and here, but since I have already blogged about those I decided to try something different.
 I decided to use a polish that I have recently rediscovered in my collection after using it in my galaxy nails. The polish in question is Nicole by OPI's "Iceburg Lotus", I have a new found love for this polish. It's a beautiful emerald green (which reminds me of wizard of oz) it looks almost like a metallic finish but has a teal/blue duo-chrome sparkle through it, which I thought would be the perfect added benefit for the glitter challenge.The only downside is it isn't as opaque as I thought, this took about four thin coats, but it does dry very fast and the brush on Nicole by OPI polishes are amazing and make precise painting so much faster and easier.

I layered sheer glitters over it because I didn't want to over power the color. I used Sephora by OPI's 'Ne-ol If I Know' which is a fine glitter, practically a shimmer, and Wet N Wild's Wild Shine glitter (no name?) which is slightly more sheer but has larger glitter particles. 
None of these are gritty, so I feel like they are more comfortable to wear than really rough full-coverage glitter polishes. When I say comfortable I mean your nails don't snag your clothes or anything, I feel like they don't chip as easily, and they are defiantly easier to get off. 

I'm glad I found a new way to use the sheerer glitters that I usually stay away from, let me know what you think! I hope I can make tomorrows nail challenge, the theme is neon. 

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flutter and sparkle said...

Beautiful polish choices xx

Sara Java said...

Thank you =)

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