Tuesday, August 7, 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge. Day 7 - Neon.

We are already at day 7 of Makeup Savvy's 15 day nail challenge, today's theme is neon. I have to apologize for being a bit boring with this one, I did not have much time today nor did I have a decent selection of neon polishes. This is the first time im wearing neon, anything! 

Neon isn't really my style, I had to raid my sister's nail polsh collection to find this polish. She owns a few neon colors all by Jesse's Girl, which is a brand I have never heard of before now, but it says "high intensity color" on the bottle so im guessing they specialize in neon and vibrant color pay off.  I choose to use the Jesse's Girl polish in "beach baby". The polish is normal consistency and opaque yet applies rather patchy, I did three coats and some areas are still a little bare. One surprising thing is that these dry matte ( I added a top coat), and also dry almost instantly, and i'll say it for a third time I love quick drying polish, but this is kind of ridiculous, I can't even finish painting one nail before it dries.

This is the neonyest of all the pictures.
This polish plays tricks on my camera, it doesn't want to be seen, it's the most difficult to photograph polish I've ever come across. Maybe it's the brand or maybe it's the neon, but the camera can never pick up the color quite right. In real life it's like a neon fuchsia pink and the camera wants to make it orangey (like above) or light pink. This is the most true to color and brightness picture I could get, basically that color without the orange tinge and slightly darker. 

Sorry for the slapdash feel of this post but I really am trying not to skip a day in this challenge. However tomorrow's theme is leopard print, I am committed to my plans for it and it's surely going to be more exciting than today's post! 

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