Wednesday, August 8, 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge. Day 8 - Leopard Print

It's day 8 of Makeup Savvy's Nail challenge, Today's theme is Leopard Print. I'm starting to become too familiar with smell of nail polish, today I spilled half a bottle of nail polish remover in my bathroom, my cuticles are a mess, my nails are stained, and the skin around my nails is drying out, but we are now half way through the challenge and im not giving up just yet!

Since I still had a plain neon base on I decided it would be fun to do a neon leopard print. I used a second vibrant pink Jesse's Girl color called "baby cakes" as the spot color, and used a Sinful Colors Nail Art black polish to define the spots. 
I think considering I drew this print free-hand, it came out very nice, better than I expected! It was a challenge, the long thin brush on the nail art polish wasn't the easiest to control and my nails are very small! However I think the slight messy unshapely lines make it seem more realistic. 

Hope you like them, Can't wait to see what everyone else came up with. Im looking forward to Day 9... and getting some cuticle oil. 

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