Thursday, August 23, 2012

Korres Lip Butter in Quince

Beauty confession number one: I don't abide by expiration dates on products, relatable to some, disgusting to others, I don't care! I'd like to think I have good judgement!
As I was writing this I was going to start, as usual, by explaining how I got this, most likely in too much detail with much self criticism and maybe even an irrelevant picture. Come to realize that I got this for Christmas I think around two years ago, so about the time I should be throwing it out and I'm just coming round to liking it, that's me always late...

Not that I didn't like it before it's just been very forgettable, It kind of sat around unused for a year.. or two. You see Berry tones are the equivalent to nudes in my collection, I never go lighter because it doesn't suit me, a berry pink lip balm seemed hardly exciting to me.
 Well I've finally come to my senses after using this all summer when my lips were in too terrible of shape for lipstick. I found that this is the perfect satisfying product for the summer months, it's easy and comfortable enough for those days when the heat just sucks all the life out of you.

First things first, It claims to be moisturizing, "The combination of shea butter and rice wax offers deep conditioning ... ideal for chapped lips". Surprisingly I agree, and I don't use that term moisturizing lightly, I mean it actually sinks into your lips and I don't feel starved of moisture after it wears off. I find that after a while the product sinks in but a slight stain remains.
I own a few tinted lip balms and I have always felt that this one feels more... luxurious... if I can say that without sounding pretentious. Its really thick and creamy but much like butter in light airy way, it just feels nice, I just want to keep adding more and more.

I dont see the resemblance...  
I love this color, it's not loud but it's a noticeable polished looking color. I have the shade "quince" which I just found out is a fruit, thank you google. It's got a grown up shine not too glossy finish, and it's not completely sheer the color can be built up to a nice opacity. The color appears on lips just as it does in the jar... I put it on to swatch it for this post, but im just not ready to embarrass myself on the internet yet. 

Although I love the little simplistic jar, I find that it's a bit impractical and unhygienic. I need to apply this in public, after my hands have been contaminated by nasty public germ-y stuff, I find myself not wanting to stick my fingers in this jar. Another thing is it's narrow, so it's not uncommon to get product under my nail. I solve this by using a lip brush, but, you know, ehhg effort.

In short, you need one of these, I don't mean to encourage makeup or shopping addictions but it's just a nice product to have around. It has definitely earned a spot in my purse, and Im not the girl that carries around everything and anything, It's an honor not bestowed on many products. 

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