Monday, August 13, 2012

Sleek Blush By 3 in Sugar: My favorite Summer Blush

Summer Favorites! I might be a little anxious for fall (after living in 100degree weather for a few weeks, who wouldn't be?), but I decided it's about that time where I start to gush my true feelings about all my summer makeup staples, and I put on my lipstick just for the occasion. This season im breaking them into categories, mainly so I can gush in more detail!

As a self diagnosed blush addict how could I resist the temptation of a blush palette??? Sleek makeup isn't available where I live, but again the wonderful world of internet shopping brought us together, Only after agreeing to pay ridiculous international shipping costs of course. But for a moment it ended up being one of those things, sometimes we (or maybe just "I") buy things because they're pretty, things that are desirable for a moment and we return home with them just to throw them in a drawer and forget about them. However, This eventually found it's way into my summer favorites, so I hope that inspires you to take a look through your junk drawer once and a while. 

Left to right: Demerara, Muscovado, Turbinado

Originally I thought that these colors were too dark to be desirable in summer but I was wrong. Instead of smothering your face with tons of bronzer (personally not my thing), which I think can look just as draining as paleness, I think that simply going for a warm toned blush can be of much more help. I found that these blushes can warm up my face instantly with very little product but also the colors are vibrant so they don't deprive it of life. 
Emphasis on the 'very little product' part, these are highly pigmented! Im quite pale so I had to be extra careful. Although they would definitely look more natural on darker skin-tones, Im fair and have no problem with bold and obvious blush occasionally, so don't be afraid, wear what you want! Also with the right application they blend and sheer out nicely, even the most pigmented shade, the middle shade, which is called "Muscovado", is soft and smooth.

Left to right: Demerara, Muscovado, Turbinado

If you are wondering why all the shades have weird names, they're all types of sugar, and even though to me the colors do not resemble sugar, I can appreciate the effort.
 Demerara is a matte warm plummy pink.
Muscovado is a deeper plum with gold shimmer.
Turbinado is a matte basic subtle orange.

The packaging is perfect, it's.. well sleek. Thin and compact, perfect for storage or easily portable (although I've never seen anyone touching up their blush), equipped with a huge mirror which is very nice. Lightweight and It snaps tightly shut.

*side note: I noticed that there are tons of pictures online and the colors look different in them all, this was quite frustrating when I was looking to buy this so I took great care with my pictures. I insured that pictures and swatches are very accurate and true to color. *high five*

Even if these shades aren't your cup of tea I think it's definitely worth checking out the other palettes, these are a great product and value. I think this palette is really versatile, I can see the shades also looking great in fall, does it not remind you of pumpkins and falling leafs? Since it has three colors, there is at least one I would wear in each season. Also, I've worn this tons this summer and haven't even scratched the surface because they are so pigmented, I really can see this lasting forever! 

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