Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sugar Lips Lip Scrub

Before now I have always made my own lip scrub (recipe coming soon?), I've seen them in stores, some at extortionate prices, and never saw the need for a fancy store-bought version when I have an easy home-made solution. 
So, why buy when they're all essentially just sugar scrubs?

 Enter the majestic world of internet shopping! Where all imaginable products are at your figure tips along with questionable photos of said products, which brings out the excitement of the unknown outcome, not to mention the anticipation of waiting 5 to 8 business days for your order to arrive! (Excitement, unknown, risk, anticipation, I think I just described the makings of an addiction.) Then of course there is the special offers, like spend $50 get free shipping, I no longer have to worrying about those pesky s&h costs and get to throw little goodies into my shopping cart guilt free... if you see where im going with this.

I'll admit to being a complete weirdo and say that I have a 'thing' for jars and boxes, I keep aesthetically pleasing ones because I just can't bring myself to throw them away, and I either find uses for them or they become displayed in my cool and unbelievably valuable 'empty jars and boxes' collection. I figured even if this product was complete shit I would get $5 worth of enjoyment out of the little polka dot lidded jar.  

But of course it's not complete shit, I wouldn't make a post about my online shopping addiction and jar hoarding problem, that would just be pathetic. 

Aside for the awesome jars these come in, which unfortunately are plastic not glass (but hey it was $5), these come in a few different flavors. I choose Strawberry Shortcake which turned out to be a neon red color (I didnt know that existed either), the flavor in itself is already a nice perk of buying a lip scrub. I can't make my own strawberry flavored lip scrub because strawberries are perishable and I don't have synthetic strawberry flavoring laying around the house. 
This is one of the grittiest scrubs I have used, it also has a very dry consistency, I was concerned that mine had dried out or just wasn't good, but I was proven wrong. Apparently it pays for a lip scrub to be dry and gritty because it did the work in half the time and didn't hurt my lips at all. 

Final thoughts on the battle of home-made versus store-bought lip scrubs? Well they both give me the same basic results, my lips get exfoliated either way and I can then comfortably wear lipsticks. Their is no magic lip healing ingredients in this, it offers no more than aesthetic benefits, and i'm okay with that, I like the store-bought lip scrub for the luxury of the strawberry flavor and nice jar. That's worth a small price tag for me, but that's just personal preference. 
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