Friday, September 28, 2012

L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream: First Impressions

If you are as sick of hearing about BB Creams as much as I am then maybe I can tempt you with some Magic (that should totally be the name of this product)! The newest edition to L'oreal's "Magic" line is a so called "BB Cream", which apparently has no skin care benefits (how does that work?), but I had to give it a fair chance. Will I become a victim of a Magikoopa? because this color palette is making me a little uneasy...

Primes (and smooths), Perfects (hide flaws), Hydrates (all day), and Corrects (evens).

This starts out as a white grainy liquid texture. When you begin to rub it in it claims to "adjust" (With Magic!) to your skin tone, however mine turned orange ( I probably need the shade 'fair' instead of 'light'). Beware, you do not have a huge amount of time to blend before it starts to dry to a powdery texture.

It gives a light coverage, more than you'd expect from a BB cream, covering redness and uneven skintone perfectly but not pigmentation. The color adjusting thing might be a little tricky, making your skin look patchy (like mine did), but I think as long as you are careful to apply evenly all over then it shouldn't be a huge deal. 

That orange patch is the actual color of the foundation when then light itsn't washing it out. I found it quite dark to be considered the "light" shade. 

To my surprise this gives a semi-matte finish. Not something I expected from a product that claims to be moisturizing 'all day' and a matte finish with light coverage just doesn't look right to me. Also this finish might be a negative for someone with dry skin, it seemed to look a little flakey in drier areas. However I preferred this less shiny finish on my skin type. 

Because of the semi-matte finish this wore very well. It wore for hours without looking greasy, just as long as my usual foundation with no fading. Im very impressed.

My Conclusion:
Im not sure why this is called a BB cream. Where are the skincare benefits?  I mean it doesn't even have spf! It seems more like a light foundation to me; It's already the same price as a foundation but for the money I'd personally buy something with more coverage, so this product is a little useless in my eyes.  It's not even comparable to a tinted moisturizer because it doesn't appear to be moisturizing. However for my normal skin and oily skins, I think this is the better option, definitely wore better than Maybelline BB Cream. If I was going to purchase a BB Cream I would choose this one.

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