Sunday, September 23, 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream: First Impressions

The times of not being able to sample drug store products are over, If you want to test something out chances are you can find a sample within the confines of your favorite magazine.
I must be subscribed to just about every fashion and beauty magazine there is, when new issues arrive each month it's the one thing that can brighten my day, I can spend hours admiring their pages of beautiful photos, but now, Im ashamed to say, the moment these magazines arrive I quickly flip through them hunting for the latest product samples. I still read them of course, but the initial Halmark moment between us is ruined by my behavior, which is comparable only to that of Black Friday shoppers. 
Too my surprise i've been getting a lot of decently sized samples. Not long ago foundation samples were enough for one swatch, which I found practically useless. Now I have a few BB cream samples with more than enough to use of my whole face, so I decided to put them to good use and do a few First Impressions. 

If your are unfamiliar with the latest BBcream trend thingy, you should know that this term is just the latest re-marketing of the product previously know as a 'tinted moisturizer' (at least in the western world).
These BBcreams are supposed to be jammed with much more skin care than a tinted moisturizer, but those claims are debatable, you know how the marketing game works.

This is a gel liquidy texture, a bit runnier than a cream. I found that it's more like a moisturizer than a foundation and I preferred to use my hands to rub it in. Also just like a moisturizer it kind of absorbed into my skin after a minute. 

Coverage is much like a tinted moisturizer but emphasis more on the moisturizer and less on the tint. It's a light coverage but I actually find it quite nice. It evens out skin tone well, takes down redness, smooths over pores, and doesn't stick to dry patches, all while being completely invisible on the skin. 

Nice Natural Coverage and Finish
This does not have a 'finish' per-say. I found it to feel like freshly moisturized skin, a bit shiny looking. 

Now here is where it started to go downhill for me, I actually liked the way it looked when freshly applied, but only an hour in I was beginning to get antsy about the look and feel. I don't consider myself to have oily skin but it's not dry either, It's now apparent that my skin just doesn't need another moisturizer. Also I had to make a brief run to the post office and it was 90 degrees outside, after that It felt so greasy it was uncomfortable, obviously this does not hold up well to those conditions, making it completely impractical for my life unfortunately. 

This is the cringe moment. Freshly applied to just 5 hours later. My face looked greasy anywhere the light hit it, including areas I dont get oily. Sidenote: I dont know if my skin was red from the heat or I had a blush accident but lets not talk about it. 

My Conclusion:
This doesn't work for me, I can handle the coverage but not the wear. I think this would be great for people who have dry, dehydrated, or dull skin, but the moisture and luminosity will kill anyone with normal to oily skin. 
I really wanted to like this, I wanted to jump on the BB cream bandwagon, use a nice light fresh face product, and find something to take the place of my beloved, long discontinued, Clinique tinted moisturizer. It's a shame because the packaging is so adorable, but onto the next one I suppose! Next im giving my First Impressions on the L'oreal BBcream, see you then. 
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