Saturday, September 8, 2012

Murad clarifying mask: Skincare Saturday

Apparently when I deemed this skincare Saturday I failed to mention it'd be more like "sometimes skincare Saturday", because either I suck at consistency, keeping my word, or Im just trying to make this more exciting because predictability is boring ( It's definitely the last one).
 Let's not drag this out, this is today's Skincare pick because this is simply my favorite mask... at least until I find one that will allow me to moonlight as a vigilante*, then unfortunately this will be bumped to my second favorite mask.

What does it do?
This contains %4 sulfur which is the active ingredient that helps fight acne. The reason sulfur is great for clarifying and treating acne is that it draws out impurities from skin, rather than just burning and peeling layers of skin off like salsylic acid does.
The cool thing is for those of you, who like me, have milder acne, this makes a really great spot treatment. Seriously put this on a spot for a few hours or over night and it will significantly reduce, if not clear it up completely.
Also for those with mild to no acne but far from perfect skin, this comes complete with a few more uses and benefits. As the name states it's a 'clarifying mask', it's a great acne treatment, but also just a great detox for your skin, it helps draw out oils, blackheads, and any other junk your skin collects over time, which I find makes my skin feel a lot cleaner, look much healthier, and also shrinks pores.

It's a thick clay consistency that applies creamy and dries powdery.  

The downside?
Yes it smells like sulfur, No it does not go away after you wash it off. It's a bit annoying that the scent clings to your skin but it's not that over powering.
It's expensive, it retails for $37 at Sephora. The good news is you can get a sample at sephora, encase you want to try it out first... well who doesn't.

Warning and a bit of advice. 
This is a sulfur based clay mask, which is meant to be clarifying and an acne treatment type mask. It's not one of those acne treatments that require a recovery stage where you must don floppy hats, scarves, and sunglasses to protect both your skin, identity, and the public from the sight of your face quite literally, falling off, However it is serious stuff, if used too much or if your skin is very sensitive or damaged (like sunburned) this can cause it to feel sore, dry, or peel.
I have sensitive skin and have experienced soreness from over usage but experience no ill-effects from infrequent use or use as a spot treatment.

Im going to be responsible this time and schedule this to be posted on Saturday so it's not neglected like last Saturday, when I was busy watching Doctor Who ... I mean not being predictable! Anyways, have a nice Saturday.

* Or Villain, im undecided. 
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