Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation Review

I have a reputation, at least in my own head, for being overly picky about my skin products, and after being failed by numerous new and trendy foundations, I decided I was completely done with that scene. I wanted no part in gimmicks: no 'airbrush', no 'HD/PhotoReady', no 'Magic', no 'Dream', and absolutely no 'BBs' of any kind! But 'Healthy' was something I could get behind, it didn't have strenuous marketing ploys or jazzy packaging, it simply offered up itself, a foundation, SPF 20, and a few antioxidants for good measure; it was exactly what I was looking for. ("dont begin a sentence with 'but'" "dont end a sentence with a preposition" Look at me being all rebellious!) 

It's not a thick blobby consistency that is sure to clog your pores nor is it a watery runny mess that gives no coverage, it's a perfect balance a silky creamy texture that assures blend-ability and a skin-like appearance. It's does not set quickly so it remains bendable for a very long time, however it is thick enough to leave lines and streaks from improper blending.

This foundation is all about 'healthy' and 'glowing' skin, but luckily it isnt packed with shine and glitter! It's a very very subtle glow, it'd hesitate to even say dewyness (I dont want to give the oily skinned panic attacks) but it is luminous. In a way, it almost appears as if it just never completely sets, it keeps a slight creamy appearance, something that does look very healthy.

Dont worry! It's not one of those 'dewy' finishes that does the disappearing act, 6 hours in and apparently you didn't put any makeup on this morning, the coverage stays put, no fading!
Ok, it's been extremely hot and humid where I live lately (oh the horror, im getting terrible makeup and hair disaster flashbacks) and this tended to look a little too 'dewy' after a while (I powdered and primer-ed which helped!), although still it didn't fade!
In cooler weather and also with my skin being normal, I dont powder this and it wears quite well.

Dont I have it all: redness, scaring, pores, acne, freckles, well this covers them very well. It's not 'flawless' coverage because this is more of a natural but better foundation, but it gives a good medium coverage, it builds without caking, you can layer and layer this with no consequence.
This always looks good on the skin, it looks like practically nothing, especially if a very light layer is used it will be invisible on the skin and still give decent coverage. 

Before and After: One layer of foundation

Color Match: (shade 30 Buff, slight pink undertone)
I took a shot in the dark, I hesitantly chose shade 30 just because 3 out of 9 is where I assumed my skin tone to be in a range, and it's actually one of the best color matches I've ever gotten with a foundation. My biggest problem is foundations being extremely yellow, I consider myself to have a neutral undertone, now you will notice this shade has a slight pink undertone ( I heard some shades are yellow also) but I prefer this over the yellow because it's a lot less noticeable (and I dont look like im dying of liver failure). It is becomming a little dark, as we move into fall I'm thinking I might even become the lightest shade, which leads me too....

Color Selection:
The only downfall I can see in this foundation is it only comes in nine shades, and of those nine it's quite difficult to choose since they all look really strange in the bottle. They have a sort of grey cast to them, no indication of undertones, and none of them appear to be all that light or dark. I think I got lucky picking my shade, I was hesitant but I just went with my instinct, I knew I would most likely be at the beginning of a shade range, so I suggest that kind of thinking when you are picking.
Im becoming a little concerned, my skin is lightening and I think I'll probably be the lightest shade in the winter, I am pale, but I do not think im the palest person in the world. I mean, if one person's skin can vary up to three shades, then it's quite concerning if there are only nine to choose from!

This is in a very simplistic glass bottle, which is kind of heavy, with a screw on mirrored lid. It does look nice, but of course it has one fatal flaw, no pump. A really large opening and its very liquidy, so yes it can make quite a mess. Product gets all over the bottle, in the lid, and all over your hands, which then gets grubby little finger prints all over the lid.

I'm not quick to pass judgement on makeup products, I am however pessimistic; I've been wearing this everyday for a few months now, in preparation for judgment day, trying to find fault in it and the truth is I just can't. I find myself in disbelief, telling myself 'this is nothing special, it can't be so perfect' but it never disappoints. Maybe it isn't perfect or special but it is a lovely everyday foundation and one of the only foundations to get my 'okay to repurchase' stamp of approval. 

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Samantha Marriott said...

I've heard so many good things about it, the swatch you did has set me on giving it a go I think! Great post!

caperepulchra.blogspot.com xo

Sara Java said...

Thanks.I hope it works great for you too.

Anonymous said...

i know you didnt mean anything bad with what you said, but i suggest you dont say that having yellow undertones/yellower skin makes you look like you have liver failure because non-white people like people from the middle east for example have that naturally, and it's by no means ugly.

Sara Java said...

I never said yellow toned skin is ugly or sickly. I said yellow toned foundation looks bad on me personally, as would any foundation that didnt match my skin properly.

Anonymous said...

Wow ...Thanks I was deciding on wether o buy this kinf of foundation or any other bu naaawww I'll buy this kind hankyo very much ! :)

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