Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OPI Germany Collection: My Very First Knockwurst

My nails are officially out of retirement! They've finally stopped breaking and peeling from the nail challenge and yesterday I got tons of new exciting nail products! I did not go to Ulta for nail products but I somehow ended up with about five... this is the only thing I got from the OPI Germany Collection however, because most of the shades seemed like nothing I'd wear or something I already have. But I still had to mention it, my one lonely fall collection color is "My Very First Knockwurst". 

The light was washing it out a but, Its less beige and more pink in real life. 

The first time I go to seriously paint my nails in a month and nothing was going my way! I made a mess around the edges and couldnt find my nail polish remover, streaked practically every nail, and wasn't patient enough to let it dry resulting in a few wobbly patches, not to mention my topcoat somehow dried out and wrecked one of my nails.  

A good pinky nude has been on my shopping list for quite some time, so just gonna give myself a little mental high five for actually picking up something I needed. This is more interesting than your classic pink nude because it's a little more toned down, it's not the vibrant pastel pink nude that is commonly seen which I actually feel makes it a little more flattering on my skin tone. 

I own a few nudes that are frustratingly sheer, so I can appreciate that this is opaque in two coats. However I have a little trouble with streaking, which I find is a problem with a lot of lighter OPI shades, but it's tolerable. The formula is, as always, very liquid but not too watery and it does smooth itself out very nicely.

There is also a beige toned nude in this collection that is very similar to this, but obviously beige not pink. Its called "Dont Pretzel my Buttons" However it struck me as very similar to a shade I got from the Holland Collection last season called "Did you ear about Van Gogh" 

This is not really a color I expected to see in a fall collection but after I put it on I understood.  It's subtle grey undertone dulls it down making it look more fall appropriate and actually I think it will look better on me when my skin gets paler. So I think i'll be wearing this tons this fall and recommend it to anyone looking for a nice pink nude.

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