Friday, September 21, 2012

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipsticks Review

It seems I have some 'splaining to do, One day I felt incomplete and I decided that maybe I just needed a little more lipstick in my life. How does this differ from how I normally feel? That's irrelevant! So I went on a drugstore lipstick buying extravaganza and im not bragging but it was beautiful. Onto the part that concerns you, I've decided to review each brand in a series sort of thing, in the end i'll post which one I think is the 'best drug store lipstick', and obviously links so everyone can decide for themselves. Long story short, be prepared to be bombarded with lipstick posts!
 I apologize in advance for any incoherent content, a few hours ago I was on a sugar high from a soda and donut binge (I highly discourage this behavior (also that combination)), and im still finding it hard to concentrate.

Color Selection:
I may be a bit biased in this department because this is MY kinda color selection! There is a red for everyone, red reds, deep reds, pink reds, plum reds, and orange reds, not to mention some wearable pinks and the odd not so wearable purple and grey (yes grey!). It's just a color range that oozes cool, yet has something for everyone, and apparently is popular because shades are being added left and right.
I decided to get two colors, and Im thinking about getting a few more, Naturally I had to get a red # 09 and I just couldn't resist A purple # 04. I mean what are the odds I'll find a color like that in another drug store collection? Maybe on Halloween! 

I have to say I was skeptical, for the price I was expecting a decently tolerable formulation, but I got an amazing one! It's a very classic formulation that offers high pigmentation, a satin finish, and stains for lasting-power. These apply with a nice creamy texture but set as more of a satin or demi-matte finish on the lips, which is my preference.
Also, these have the most amazing fruity candy smell! They even smell better than MAC lipsticks and I do love the Vanilla. 

Application and Wear:
The formula offers enough slip to make application easy, without going over board and making it prone to smudging or migrating outside the lip line.
Wear is great because it is very staining and a satin finish. The stain keeps the color on your lips and the satin finish limits transferring or smearing. The color stays on for hours. 

The only problem I have is the purple color does stick to dry patches. Maybe because it's so dark, It's not a problem with the red color. 

Excuse me, I must take a moment and celebrate the fact that I made it through this post without crashing and ending up face down in my keyboard. Alright...
Any lipstick lover needs one of these, or all of them; Im incredibly surprised that I liked these so much, considering I almost forgot about this brand all together. By the way, Rimmel's new fall collection will feature more shades of these in Matte finishes!!! You know I'll be buying all of them.... for the price of one high-end lipstick no less.
I've never been this excited about a drug store lipstick line... or have I? You'll find out when I review the next brand!

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