Friday, October 26, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips: Halloween Theme


Last nail post I got excited and over-estimated my nail art abilities; then I tried to do some hand drawn nail art this week and completely failed. So out of shame, desperation, and longing for cool Halloween spirited nails, I cheated and picked up some Sally Hansen Nail Strips. 

These are number 101 "How Corny". I think the little candy corns are cute but would have preferred a black background to the silver. 
*tangent* I always found it strange that Candy Corn is Halloween's own candy mascot but no one ever gives out Candy Corn. Why is it even called Candy Corn? Doesn'r resemble corn to me. Some people hate the stuff but personally, I only like to eat it because it sets the Halloween mood. Still prefer chocolate though...

Back to nails....
The process of applying was a little harder than I thought, but after opening the second box I discovered that my box was missing a few pieces and that might have contributed to why I had trouble. Each box should come with a mini-nail file and a cuticle stick and mine were missing. 
So, I had trouble making the edges smooth, and on some nails the edges peeled off. Im not sure if I did not apply them right, or if I didn't give it enough time to set. However since then, they seem to be holding up well!

I also got a black and orange Jack-o-lantern design called 103 "Patch-o-Lanterns", which I will be wearing on Halloween day. These seem much scarier and Halloween-y to me. And the box actually has all of the items included, yay! I'll keep you posted on the application and peeling issues. Hopefully It'll work out better when I use the real tools. 

Have you tried these before? ... More importantly, How do you feel about Candy Corn?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NARS Cactus Flower Cream Blush

Here is a little peek at something special. 

Right around fall and the holiday season, I start to dig out my special items, ones that I keep tucked away, safe from the temptation of everyday use and little sisters. Im not sure if this is something you practice but I keep certain things for special occasions. Im afraid if I use them all the time, they will no longer feel special. Not everything expensive is special, I use my MAC blushes and Urban Decay eyeshadows to death, but some things just kinda melt my heart a little bit and make me feel fancy. 

So I went digging through my little stash and this is what caught my eye. I think it's perfect for the season. Some might think a corally red is summery, but let me explain. It red toned vibrancy reminds me of a 'just got in from the cold' kind of flush, and the shimmer gives a gleam but isn't too over powering in the dull lighting. I think it's perfect for a cold winters day, and some red lipstick.  

I saw this in the store and under the light it was a a light coral with tons of gold shimmer... well, you should have seen my face when I got home, tore open the box, and it was BRIGHT red. But there was no need to fear, NARS Cactus Flower has many faces in the pan but they all translate beautifully to a sheer redish coral on the face. Its a vibrant color but the texture keeps it nice and fresh looking opposed to shocking, you have to admit in the pan it seems as if it has the potential to go a little tacky looking. It seems as though the shimmer would look a little intense on the skin, however unless you are being hit directly by sunlight its hardly noticeable and its NOT glittery, nor is it gritty.  

It also has a easy to work with cream to powder texture, so dont worry if you have oily skin. Its feels lovely: not sticky or wet or hard to blend. So lovely in fact that I took the time, out of my oh so busy schedule*, to do a face swatch, red lipstick and fall attire included for extra authenticity! 

So there you go, another peek into my makeup collection and another strange habit revealed. I need to remind myself to show you more of this little stash, because trust me, you want a peek! Unless you dont like blush and lipstick, in that case it might be kinda boring. 

* Depends heavily on your definition of busy, especially if it is synonymous with productive.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick Review


It started with a shade called Heavenly but I can't give away the ending. One lipstick grew to a diverse little collection that im quite proud of, blame the abundance of Covergirl product coupons in the papers. These lipsticks don't need a verbose introduction, they're loud and powerful enough to speak for themselves. 

Color Selection:
Just like some of it's drug store lipstick counterparts this collection has a color selection divided by color, pinks, reds, mauves, and browns. Combined there are an impressive amount of shades, upwards of fifty, most are a flat finish but some have frost in them. The bottom of the packaging also has a surprisingly accurate swatch of the color (which also show frost if the shade is frosted) along with the name and number.

Flame: Neon Red Orange, Coquette: A light pink with frost, Heavenly: light peachy pink, Fervor: medium brown pink, Euphora: Deep plum

This is a tricky formulation to describe. Its very creamy and smooth, it even seems to have more slip than chapstick. The aim of the formulation was to be moisturizing, covergirl claims it contains "silk moisturizing complex" and will make you lips smoother in 7 days. While it is quite silky, I do not find that it is beneficial in the long run. The only upside is that it's comfortable to wear.
The pigmentation is decent, not the best, but it's damn near opaque. There is no need to build these up, one swipe and they're full on. Its nice too see this kind of pigmentation in a "moisturizing" product.

Application and Wear:
The slippery texture and high pigmentation makes these a nightmare to wear, in my personal experience. Maybe its because I have small lips but, they smear and migrate outside my lip line if I rub my lips together (which is hard not to do with a slippery feeling product!). Also they will transfer to anything you put your lips on. The formula doesn't stain, its too balm-like, so I find the wear of these to be short even if you stop yourself from eating or drinking.

The formulation is too slippery and prone to smudging for me to be comfortable wearing the brighter shades. The shade "flame" makes me nervous. Smeared neon lipstick, there is just no fixing that. 

Im feeling unusually positive today so I think I'll end on a happy note; although personally these are not my favorite drug store lipsticks, they are quite nice everyday lipsticks. As much as I want to wear statement, pigmented, bold, long-lasting lipsticks everyday, they just dont fit into busy scheduled and long days with no mirrors. So I choose these; they make excellent stains because they are pigmented but moist and comfortable. 
I've gone through half a tube of Heavenly! So you aren't going to find your 'night out' lipstick in this line but you can certainly find your 'all business' lipstick.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Nail Art: Blood Splatter Nails


Another reason fall is my favorite time of year is because its the beginning of all the cool themed holidays, the ones where you get to decorate your house, dress up, and attend parties. Christmas is my favorite but Halloween is up there; im not that into dressing up, im just a fan of the ambiance of the time (and free candy!), falling leaves, dull days, breezy nights, carving pumpkins and lighting autumn scented candles. Most recently I've added another perk to the "Why I love themed holidays" list, the nail art opportunities! 

This was extra fun to do because Its not a glamour type nail shot, they looked better in dull lighting and awkward hand positions, also I didn't have to worry about taping up my fingers (although I should have cleaned up the white polish, sorry I was a little eager to splatter). I thought the red splatters on my skin would make it look more violent, and it did! Unfortunately nail polish doesn't really stay on skin through normal activities like washing your hands and showering, it all peeled off in like a day. 

I had an "Oh No" moment when too much splattered on my middle finger but I actually like the inconsistency and the pop of color because its more noticeable for a distance. I wish it would have happened on my other hand too. 
This is just done with my previous "Splatter Nails" technique. White Base is OPI Alpine Snow and the Red is MAC Rouge Marie. 

So I hope you like my first Halloween themed nails, or as I realized yesterday as I was watching the show, Dexter themed nails! I could go on but im becoming a little too pleased with myself. I have a few more Ideas, so keep a look out for a few more Halloween NOTDs.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Review


 Im feeling a little deflated; I've been busy all week, my cat was sick, I've been impatiently waiting for a new phone ( Apparently we are in a world wide shortage of iphones right now because they were all stolen en route in a epic pirate heist*) and dont get me started on the crazy weather. A few days ago it was 108 degrees out and today it was 55 with a thunder, wind, and a flash flood warning, I was wet all day and im still shivering. But nothing can lift my spirits like lipstick! And I believe I promised a blitzing of lipstick posts, so next on my list is the much coveted Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks! 

Color Selection:
This line has a huge color selection, it really has no limitations. Pinks, nudes, reds, plums, and browns, anything you are looking for is available.  Im instinctively attracted to bright and/or deep shades, so I got my hands on two of their most popular shades Cherries in the Snow and Black Cherry.

Cherries in the Snow is a shade rumored to have been around since the 1950s (which is awesome if its true!) I thought It'd be red but it's actually a deep bright pink. Normally it wouldn't be my style but it's actually so flattering and brings so much life to my face that I just cant resist.

Black Cherry is the shade I've been waiting months to wear! This is my ideal fall color, I cant resist a burgundy. This is a plummy wine color with equal parts of red and purple tones. The nice thing is the color can be used as a fresh plummy stain or built up to a dramatic dark lip, its very versatile, which would most likely explain why I had to search four stores to find it in stock!

These are classic cream textured lipsticks. It's a formulation you can not really go wrong with, great pigmentation and smooth texture. They feel fine on the lips because they're creamy but not enough to smudge.

Application and Wear:
These apply perfectly smooth and creamy as the formulation would suggest, no complaints here. They wear very well, they stain and do not transfer or move around too much. I can get these to last a few hours, no problem. 

Again, the darker shade applies unevenly, you can kind of see it in the swatch. Its a little annoying because its a beautiful color when you can get an even coverage, but some days this lipstick just will not cooperate. 

Once again I am overly satisfied with these lipsticks, they're practically flawless. I already have my eye on a few other shades for fall. Also, just like the Rimmel Lipsticks, Revlon makes Matte shades in this line too!! ... Unfortunately, I just cant find them anywhere, anyone know where they're sold?

* I may have made up that story, because I want to believe that my cellphone company is actually competent. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Wishlist: False Hope Edition


I think its time to start to rekindle my relationship with Sephora, it seems as though we have become strangers over the past few months. I wanted to test the waters of the drugstore shelves, and I discovered a few makeup wardrobe staples... but that's the problem really, a nice pair of jeans just can't compete with your Louis Vuitton bag. A girl needs a little luxury in her life.

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Valparaiso
I own two Nars Matte Velvet lip pencils and they are the epitome of luxury. The finish of them just can not be replicated! "Matte Velvet" isn't just a nice name, they are literally velvety smooth and give the most perfect matte finish without being the least bit drying, not to mention they last all day. It's not surprising that now I've got my heart set on the Pure Matte Lipsticks.
Valparaiso is everything im looking for in fall lipstick. It's a lovely berry color, a deep raspberry. I really love wearing colors with purple undertones in fall, but sometimes they look too goth, this color is deep yet vibrant and lively. 

Nars Blush in Sin
This one is quite deceiving, making itself a victim of misjudgment. I'll admit to not even giving it a second glance in the store, in the pan it looks dull, even grey, not something you want in a blush and put it next to Nars' other lovely vibrant shimmering blushes and it really doesn't stand a chance. However, it's strangeness intrigued me and It was love at first swatch. This is one of the most unique, stunningly beautiful blushes I've ever come across and I have to have it!
It's not a typical nor natural blush color, its a dull mauvey, bruisey, plum kind of color with that ever so classy Nars sheen through it. I know, it doesn't even sound appealing, but trust me! It was completely unexpected for a blush yet looked so flattering against my skintone, and it's definitely perfect compliment to those dark trendy fall lipsticks.

Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Plus Foundation
Are you seeing a theme here? Yea, I'm obviously not going for natural, Fall isn't the time for subtlety! I tried this out a while ago and I loved it. Just like the Nars lip pencils, this really is worthy of the name "Matte Velvet" its not a dry flakey lifeless matte, it just gives perfect polished finish.
It is not a finish I would wear in the daytime however, I'd find that a little heavy and harsh on my drier skin type. This is more for a setting where heavier makeup is appropriate, I think its perfect to wear on nice nights out and special occasions, it really gives a quite glamorous look to your skin.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle
I can usually take or leave a MAC product but NOT a Mineralize Skinfinish. These are just simply pretty... and shinny! Sometimes boarding on a little too shinny, but I think this is just the thing my skin needs in the fall. A season known for dim light, my skin gets pale, dull, and dry, It's one of the only times I can condone a frosty shimmery highlight, and I've had my eye on this one for quite some time.
To some this may be just a plain frosty beige highlight. But these are exactly the type of things im attracted too, I love light champagne colors, they have a shimmer to them that is appealing but still looks classy. Something that most frosty and glittery shades just cannot be. But I'm not gonna lie, im a little nervous about this one, it's definitely gonna require a try on; I know MAC too well to be unconcerned about their glitter overload tendencies.  

This is my very first wishlist, honestly I just wanted to share mine because I love reading everyone else's. And maybe, a little bit, wanted to selfishly ramble about a few lovely products that I dont even own yet! 
I know these products are nothing new, but im not a huge follower of trends and my makeup tastes are not fickle; im loyal to products I fall in love with and rest assured that I am quite patient  these will one day find a home in my makeup collection.