Monday, October 22, 2012

Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick Review

It started with a shade called Heavenly but I can't give away the ending. One lipstick grew to a diverse little collection that im quite proud of, blame the abundance of Covergirl product coupons in the papers. These lipsticks don't need a verbose introduction, they're loud and powerful enough to speak for themselves. 

Color Selection:
Just like some of it's drug store lipstick counterparts this collection has a color selection divided by color, pinks, reds, mauves, and browns. Combined there are an impressive amount of shades, upwards of fifty, most are a flat finish but some have frost in them. The bottom of the packaging also has a surprisingly accurate swatch of the color (which also show frost if the shade is frosted) along with the name and number.

Flame: Neon Red Orange, Coquette: A light pink with frost, Heavenly: light peachy pink, Fervor: medium brown pink, Euphora: Deep plum

This is a tricky formulation to describe. Its very creamy and smooth, it even seems to have more slip than chapstick. The aim of the formulation was to be moisturizing, covergirl claims it contains "silk moisturizing complex" and will make you lips smoother in 7 days. While it is quite silky, I do not find that it is beneficial in the long run. The only upside is that it's comfortable to wear.
The pigmentation is decent, not the best, but it's damn near opaque. There is no need to build these up, one swipe and they're full on. Its nice too see this kind of pigmentation in a "moisturizing" product.

Application and Wear:
The slippery texture and high pigmentation makes these a nightmare to wear, in my personal experience. Maybe its because I have small lips but, they smear and migrate outside my lip line if I rub my lips together (which is hard not to do with a slippery feeling product!). Also they will transfer to anything you put your lips on. The formula doesn't stain, its too balm-like, so I find the wear of these to be short even if you stop yourself from eating or drinking.

The formulation is too slippery and prone to smudging for me to be comfortable wearing the brighter shades. The shade "flame" makes me nervous. Smeared neon lipstick, there is just no fixing that. 

Im feeling unusually positive today so I think I'll end on a happy note; although personally these are not my favorite drug store lipsticks, they are quite nice everyday lipsticks. As much as I want to wear statement, pigmented, bold, long-lasting lipsticks everyday, they just dont fit into busy scheduled and long days with no mirrors. So I choose these; they make excellent stains because they are pigmented but moist and comfortable. 
I've gone through half a tube of Heavenly! So you aren't going to find your 'night out' lipstick in this line but you can certainly find your 'all business' lipstick.

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