Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Wishlist: False Hope Edition

I think its time to start to rekindle my relationship with Sephora, it seems as though we have become strangers over the past few months. I wanted to test the waters of the drugstore shelves, and I discovered a few makeup wardrobe staples... but that's the problem really, a nice pair of jeans just can't compete with your Louis Vuitton bag. A girl needs a little luxury in her life.

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Valparaiso
I own two Nars Matte Velvet lip pencils and they are the epitome of luxury. The finish of them just can not be replicated! "Matte Velvet" isn't just a nice name, they are literally velvety smooth and give the most perfect matte finish without being the least bit drying, not to mention they last all day. It's not surprising that now I've got my heart set on the Pure Matte Lipsticks.
Valparaiso is everything im looking for in fall lipstick. It's a lovely berry color, a deep raspberry. I really love wearing colors with purple undertones in fall, but sometimes they look too goth, this color is deep yet vibrant and lively. 

Nars Blush in Sin
This one is quite deceiving, making itself a victim of misjudgment. I'll admit to not even giving it a second glance in the store, in the pan it looks dull, even grey, not something you want in a blush and put it next to Nars' other lovely vibrant shimmering blushes and it really doesn't stand a chance. However, it's strangeness intrigued me and It was love at first swatch. This is one of the most unique, stunningly beautiful blushes I've ever come across and I have to have it!
It's not a typical nor natural blush color, its a dull mauvey, bruisey, plum kind of color with that ever so classy Nars sheen through it. I know, it doesn't even sound appealing, but trust me! It was completely unexpected for a blush yet looked so flattering against my skintone, and it's definitely perfect compliment to those dark trendy fall lipsticks.

Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Plus Foundation
Are you seeing a theme here? Yea, I'm obviously not going for natural, Fall isn't the time for subtlety! I tried this out a while ago and I loved it. Just like the Nars lip pencils, this really is worthy of the name "Matte Velvet" its not a dry flakey lifeless matte, it just gives perfect polished finish.
It is not a finish I would wear in the daytime however, I'd find that a little heavy and harsh on my drier skin type. This is more for a setting where heavier makeup is appropriate, I think its perfect to wear on nice nights out and special occasions, it really gives a quite glamorous look to your skin.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle
I can usually take or leave a MAC product but NOT a Mineralize Skinfinish. These are just simply pretty... and shinny! Sometimes boarding on a little too shinny, but I think this is just the thing my skin needs in the fall. A season known for dim light, my skin gets pale, dull, and dry, It's one of the only times I can condone a frosty shimmery highlight, and I've had my eye on this one for quite some time.
To some this may be just a plain frosty beige highlight. But these are exactly the type of things im attracted too, I love light champagne colors, they have a shimmer to them that is appealing but still looks classy. Something that most frosty and glittery shades just cannot be. But I'm not gonna lie, im a little nervous about this one, it's definitely gonna require a try on; I know MAC too well to be unconcerned about their glitter overload tendencies.  

This is my very first wishlist, honestly I just wanted to share mine because I love reading everyone else's. And maybe, a little bit, wanted to selfishly ramble about a few lovely products that I dont even own yet! 
I know these products are nothing new, but im not a huge follower of trends and my makeup tastes are not fickle; im loyal to products I fall in love with and rest assured that I am quite patient  these will one day find a home in my makeup collection. 

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