Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Nail Art: Blood Splatter Nails

Another reason fall is my favorite time of year is because its the beginning of all the cool themed holidays, the ones where you get to decorate your house, dress up, and attend parties. Christmas is my favorite but Halloween is up there; im not that into dressing up, im just a fan of the ambiance of the time (and free candy!), falling leaves, dull days, breezy nights, carving pumpkins and lighting autumn scented candles. Most recently I've added another perk to the "Why I love themed holidays" list, the nail art opportunities! 

This was extra fun to do because Its not a glamour type nail shot, they looked better in dull lighting and awkward hand positions, also I didn't have to worry about taping up my fingers (although I should have cleaned up the white polish, sorry I was a little eager to splatter). I thought the red splatters on my skin would make it look more violent, and it did! Unfortunately nail polish doesn't really stay on skin through normal activities like washing your hands and showering, it all peeled off in like a day. 

I had an "Oh No" moment when too much splattered on my middle finger but I actually like the inconsistency and the pop of color because its more noticeable for a distance. I wish it would have happened on my other hand too. 
This is just done with my previous "Splatter Nails" technique. White Base is OPI Alpine Snow and the Red is MAC Rouge Marie. 

So I hope you like my first Halloween themed nails, or as I realized yesterday as I was watching the show, Dexter themed nails! I could go on but im becoming a little too pleased with myself. I have a few more Ideas, so keep a look out for a few more Halloween NOTDs.

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