Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NARS Cactus Flower Cream Blush

Here is a little peek at something special. 

Right around fall and the holiday season, I start to dig out my special items, ones that I keep tucked away, safe from the temptation of everyday use and little sisters. Im not sure if this is something you practice but I keep certain things for special occasions. Im afraid if I use them all the time, they will no longer feel special. Not everything expensive is special, I use my MAC blushes and Urban Decay eyeshadows to death, but some things just kinda melt my heart a little bit and make me feel fancy. 

So I went digging through my little stash and this is what caught my eye. I think it's perfect for the season. Some might think a corally red is summery, but let me explain. It red toned vibrancy reminds me of a 'just got in from the cold' kind of flush, and the shimmer gives a gleam but isn't too over powering in the dull lighting. I think it's perfect for a cold winters day, and some red lipstick.  

I saw this in the store and under the light it was a a light coral with tons of gold shimmer... well, you should have seen my face when I got home, tore open the box, and it was BRIGHT red. But there was no need to fear, NARS Cactus Flower has many faces in the pan but they all translate beautifully to a sheer redish coral on the face. Its a vibrant color but the texture keeps it nice and fresh looking opposed to shocking, you have to admit in the pan it seems as if it has the potential to go a little tacky looking. It seems as though the shimmer would look a little intense on the skin, however unless you are being hit directly by sunlight its hardly noticeable and its NOT glittery, nor is it gritty.  

It also has a easy to work with cream to powder texture, so dont worry if you have oily skin. Its feels lovely: not sticky or wet or hard to blend. So lovely in fact that I took the time, out of my oh so busy schedule*, to do a face swatch, red lipstick and fall attire included for extra authenticity! 

So there you go, another peek into my makeup collection and another strange habit revealed. I need to remind myself to show you more of this little stash, because trust me, you want a peek! Unless you dont like blush and lipstick, in that case it might be kinda boring. 

* Depends heavily on your definition of busy, especially if it is synonymous with productive.

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