Friday, October 12, 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Review

 Im feeling a little deflated; I've been busy all week, my cat was sick, I've been impatiently waiting for a new phone ( Apparently we are in a world wide shortage of iphones right now because they were all stolen en route in a epic pirate heist*) and dont get me started on the crazy weather. A few days ago it was 108 degrees out and today it was 55 with a thunder, wind, and a flash flood warning, I was wet all day and im still shivering. But nothing can lift my spirits like lipstick! And I believe I promised a blitzing of lipstick posts, so next on my list is the much coveted Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks! 

Color Selection:
This line has a huge color selection, it really has no limitations. Pinks, nudes, reds, plums, and browns, anything you are looking for is available.  Im instinctively attracted to bright and/or deep shades, so I got my hands on two of their most popular shades Cherries in the Snow and Black Cherry.

Cherries in the Snow is a shade rumored to have been around since the 1950s (which is awesome if its true!) I thought It'd be red but it's actually a deep bright pink. Normally it wouldn't be my style but it's actually so flattering and brings so much life to my face that I just cant resist.

Black Cherry is the shade I've been waiting months to wear! This is my ideal fall color, I cant resist a burgundy. This is a plummy wine color with equal parts of red and purple tones. The nice thing is the color can be used as a fresh plummy stain or built up to a dramatic dark lip, its very versatile, which would most likely explain why I had to search four stores to find it in stock!

These are classic cream textured lipsticks. It's a formulation you can not really go wrong with, great pigmentation and smooth texture. They feel fine on the lips because they're creamy but not enough to smudge.

Application and Wear:
These apply perfectly smooth and creamy as the formulation would suggest, no complaints here. They wear very well, they stain and do not transfer or move around too much. I can get these to last a few hours, no problem. 

Again, the darker shade applies unevenly, you can kind of see it in the swatch. Its a little annoying because its a beautiful color when you can get an even coverage, but some days this lipstick just will not cooperate. 

Once again I am overly satisfied with these lipsticks, they're practically flawless. I already have my eye on a few other shades for fall. Also, just like the Rimmel Lipsticks, Revlon makes Matte shades in this line too!! ... Unfortunately, I just cant find them anywhere, anyone know where they're sold?

* I may have made up that story, because I want to believe that my cellphone company is actually competent. 
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