Friday, October 26, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips: Halloween Theme

Last nail post I got excited and over-estimated my nail art abilities; then I tried to do some hand drawn nail art this week and completely failed. So out of shame, desperation, and longing for cool Halloween spirited nails, I cheated and picked up some Sally Hansen Nail Strips. 

These are number 101 "How Corny". I think the little candy corns are cute but would have preferred a black background to the silver. 
*tangent* I always found it strange that Candy Corn is Halloween's own candy mascot but no one ever gives out Candy Corn. Why is it even called Candy Corn? Doesn'r resemble corn to me. Some people hate the stuff but personally, I only like to eat it because it sets the Halloween mood. Still prefer chocolate though...

Back to nails....
The process of applying was a little harder than I thought, but after opening the second box I discovered that my box was missing a few pieces and that might have contributed to why I had trouble. Each box should come with a mini-nail file and a cuticle stick and mine were missing. 
So, I had trouble making the edges smooth, and on some nails the edges peeled off. Im not sure if I did not apply them right, or if I didn't give it enough time to set. However since then, they seem to be holding up well!

I also got a black and orange Jack-o-lantern design called 103 "Patch-o-Lanterns", which I will be wearing on Halloween day. These seem much scarier and Halloween-y to me. And the box actually has all of the items included, yay! I'll keep you posted on the application and peeling issues. Hopefully It'll work out better when I use the real tools. 

Have you tried these before? ... More importantly, How do you feel about Candy Corn?

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E Lim said...

I love the color of candy corn but I prefer the jack o lantern one. I find it perfect for this coming Halloween. I have tried this but with other designs. At first it was hard until I got to be used to it.

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