Friday, November 16, 2012

Maybelline Colossal Volume Original VS. Cat Eyes

I'm a sucker for fancy makeup but one thing you will never see me running to Sephora for is high-end mascara. First reason is mascara is a makeup wardrobe's basic white T-shirt, nothing complex, I'd rather spend my money on something pretty. But also the drug store holds the most options and some of my favorite mascaras.
In my opinion Maybelline makes the best mascaras, and tons of different varieties to choose from. I've tried practically all of them and my all time favorite is The Colossal Volum'Express. Bold statement but, you know... that doesn't make 'new stuff' sound any less appealing! Naturally I had to try out the new Colossal Cat Eyes. 

I love the colossal formulation, and I was pleased to see that Cat Eyes stayed try to it. It's a smooth wet gel-like consistency, it's really black and inky, glides on, and coats lashes evenly. Without staying wet for too long and smudging everywhere. But unlike some other mascaras, im lookin' at you Maybelline Falsies, this doesn't dry out in a week. In fact, I've been using this tube of the original Colossal probably a bit too long, just because it stays fresh. Pshh Expiration dates aren't the boss of me! 


It's very volumizing, it gives density to the lash line so lashes look full from the roots. 
It's rare that you find a mascara that gives both definition and volume but this one does. The brush really fans out the lashes, even the smallest ones don't get clumped together. 
I wouldn't say it's the most lengthening mascara but it does a decent job. 
The downside?
The brush is a bit big. It makes it difficult to get the lower lashes, and might be an issue for those with smaller eyes. 

Cat Eyes

This does make the lashes themselves thicker, but It does not give the over-all effect of fuller lashes. It doesnt make them seem as dense at the roots as the original.
The brush on this mascara always seems to create groups of lashes. It makes a few clusters of lashes and then separates between the clusters. It's a little strange.
It lengthens as much as the original. 
The Brightside?
The small wand is great for the bottom and corner lashes. 

Here is a really creepy picture for you, but I think you can really see the difference. Note that the Cat Eyes just looks a little more black and glossy but I think it's because it's newer. 

Wand Comparison 

There is a huge difference in the wands. Both are the brush not plastic style and both have a lot of little bristles  But the original is a lot larger, fatter, and a straight tapered shape, with more tightly packed bristles. The Cat Eyes has a lot smaller want, it's actually smaller and thinner than it appears. It's also curved and it's bristles are further apart (which is why I think it clumps lashes together). 

Once again Maybelline Colossal has proven itself to me, and secured it's place as my favorite. I just dont think you can beat the way it volumizes down to the roots yet completely separates each lash, and fans them out to create an evenly packed lashline. But Cat Eyes isn't a complete failure either, I really like using it in combination with original, to get the bottom and stubborn corner lashes. 
Hope this was helpful, for all you that are curious about the difference between these two. 

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Vicky Hoang said...

i love how you compared these 2 mascaras! great job :)

Sara Java said...

Thanks =)

Emmy Lim said...

Great review! Upon comparing these two mascaras, I would go and try out the original one. I am curious on how it works on my lashes.

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