Thursday, November 22, 2012

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors Lipsticks Review

Contrary to the looks of things, I actually haven't forgotten about this 'best drug store lipstick' thing, that I started about ... ahhh 3 months ago! I can't believe it's been 3 months either; Chalk it up to being easily distracted by other lovely beauty products begging for a prized spot on my blog, that pesky school work whose due date is always waaay too close for comfort, and the most recent form of blog sabotage, dull fall lighting. But Im persistent, I will finish this!

Color Selection:
Alright the color selection isn't that great. I believe there is a shade for everyone, it's just not that extensive. There is a few neutrals, a few wild cards, and a few reds. If your a lipstick lover this is perfect, but for a girl with specific tastes, this isn't your line. I have the shades Snow White and Haute Melon. 

Snow White: 
I think every red lipstick lover needs this color! It's one of my favorite red lipsticks, an honor not given to just any red lipstick (since I have so many). Maybe it's just my taste; a quite deep bloody red. It's quite similar to MAC's Dubonnet lipstick (my favorite MAC red) but that has a browner undertone where this remains very purely red. Im wearing it in This post but im afraid it just doesnt do it justice. The swatch is more accurate. 
Haute Melon:
Alright I can say that I tried the orange lipstick thing, and it's just not for me. But if that's your thing, than this is probably the one you've been waiting for. I know it looks coral, but it's actually a bright neon orange. Unfortunately, neons just do not photograph well (especially in shitty lighting!). It's strange, even neon nail polishes don't show up on camera. Maybe it's shy... soo sorry to disappoint but the swatch isn't very accurate. 

Bad lighting is making me seem a little vampire-ish... Snow White is accurate but Haute Melon is more neon. 
As you can probably tell they're quite creamy. But luckily they dont slide around or transfer too much. They have a creamy to satin finish. They're also very opaque, the color pay off is great. 
Overall they aren't amazing, but they're pretty good quality for the price. 

Application and Wear:
Application is perfect. Smooth even opaque color, and no sticking to dry patches. I never noticed any feathering or bleeding either. Since they're on the creamy side, there is a little bit of transfer. Not the longest lasting lipstick, but if applied carefully they can have quite a bit of staying power! 

These dont have any definate huge flaws that stick out, they're overall good but not great. The one thing that I can think of is that they're hard to find. NYX is a very illusive brand, the only place I can seem to find it is Ulta. 

That concludes yet another lovely brand of lipsticks. Long story short, you need Snow White! I know this is dragging out, Im gonna try to wrap this thing up as soon as possible. I believe there is only one or two brands left on my search for the best drug store lipstick. So until then, Happy Holidays! 

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Rosie G said...

Great lip colors. I think I wanna try out the snow white. Based on your review, it looks like a great shade to try out.

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